Australian accidents 11 June to 11 July 2018

Small aircraft with propeller damage
0 Bird strikes
1 Wildlife strike

3 Wire strikes

Date 11 June
Aircraft Balony Kubicek SPOL BB26Z
Location Temora Aerodrome
Injuries Serious
Description During landing, the balloon encountered an increase of wind and landed hard. One passenger sustained serious injuries and three others minor injuries.

Date 13 June
Aircraft Diamond DA 40
Location Bankstown Aerodrome
Injuries Nil
Description During circuit training, the Diamond DA40 lost sight of and turned ahead of a Fairchild SA227 joining downwind. The controller instructed the DA40 to turn left, re-join upwind and follow the Piper PA28 on initial climb. The pilot of the DA40 identified the incorrect aircraft, resulting in the DA40 positioning above the PA28 in close proximity. The DA40 was instructed to climb to increase separation.

Date 16 June
Aircraft Piper PA-25-235
Location Tunbridge (ALA)
Injuries Unknown
Description During a clean-up spray run, the aircraft hit a powerline resulting in minor damage.

Date 24 June
Aircraft ICP srl Savannah
Location Marian (ALA)
Injuries Unknown
Description During landing, the aircraft encountered a gust of wind and the pilot lost directional control. The aircraft’s undercarriage collapsed with the left wing hitting the ground resulting in substantial damage.

Date 25 June
Aircraft ICP srl Savannah
Location Hughenden Aerodrome
Injuries Unknown
Description During landing, the aircraft bounced and veered off the runway resulting in substantial damage.

Date 25 June
Aircraft Robinson R22 Mariner
Location Kimberley Downs Station (ALA)
Injuries Minor
Description During aerial mustering operations, the pilot received a low RPM warning, entered an autorotation and made a forced landing. The helicopter was substantially damaged.

Date 25 June
Aircraft Ayres S2R-G10
Location Dulacca (ALA)
Injuries Unknown
Description During aerial agricultural operations, the aircraft hit a powerline.

Date 25 June
Aircraft Cross country gyroplanes Firebird
Location Quirindi Aerodrome
Injuries Minor
Description During initial climb, the aircraft failed to clear trees at the end of the runway and made contact resulting in the aircraft crashing. The aircraft was substantially damaged with the crew receiving minor injuries.

Date 30 June
Aircraft Zenith Ch 701
Location Coominya (ALA)
Injuries Serious
Description The aircraft crashed and was substantially damaged with the pilot receiving serious injuries.

Date 3 July
Aircraft Cessna 172RG
Location Parafield Aerodrome
Injuries Minor
Description During final approach, the aircraft hit a powerline and crashed. The aircraft was substantially damaged. The investigation is continuing.