Australian Accidents: 11 July to 13 Aug 2018

Copyright: Commonwealth of Australia. CC BY 3.0 | Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Bird strikes 7
Wildlife strikes 1
Wire strikes 1

Date 12 July
Aircraft Robinson R44 ll
Location Lethbridge (ALA)
Injuries Serious
Description During approach, the helicopter entered autorotation and crashed. One passenger was seriously injured, and the helicopter was destroyed.

Date 13 July
Aircraft Piper PA-28-161
Location Warrnambool Aerodrome
Injuries Unknown
Description During a touch-and-go landing as power was applied, the engine failed. The pilot attempted to restart the engine, which resulted in an engine fire. The aircraft was destroyed.

Date 14 July
Aircraft Pietenpol Aircamper
Location Caboolture (ALA)
Injuries Unknown
Description During the take-off roll, the pilot detected the elevator to be unresponsive. The pilot applied nose down and right rudder resulting in substantial damage to the aircraft.

Date 16 July
Aircraft Robinson R22 BETA
Location Fitzroy Crossing Aerodrome
Injuries Unknown
Description During landing, the helicopter made contact with an uneven surface resulting in the tail striking the ground. The pilot lost directional control and crashed. The helicopter was substantially damaged.

Date 18 July
Aircraft Robinson R22 Mariner
Location near Clifton Hills (ALA)
Injuries Unknown
Description During aerial mustering operations, the helicopter over-pitched and crashed. The helicopter was substantially damaged.

Date 23 July
Aircraft BRM Aero Bristell F/G
Location near Kennetts Strip (ALA)
Injuries Unknown
Description During training operations, the engine failed and smoke was seen emanating from the engine. The crew made a forced landing Kennetts Strip.

Date 24 July
Aircraft Cessna 207
Location near William Creek (ALA)
Injuries Unknown
Description During cruise, the crew detected fuel leaking from both tanks and returned the aircraft to the aerodrome. The post-flight inspection revealed both fuel caps had not been secured prior to flight.

Date 25 July
Aircraft Unknown
Location near Broken Hill Aerodrome
Injuries Serious
Description During the flight, the crew detected abnormal engine indications and made a precautionary landing in a field. During the descent the gyrocopter hit powerlines and crashed resulting in substantial damage and serious injuries to the pilot.

Date 1 August
Aircraft Amateur Built Lancair 360
Location Roma Aerodrome
Injuries Unknown
Description During climb, minor vibrations were felt throughout the aircraft and the pilot detected the engine oil temperature slightly lower than expected. Post-flight, it was determined that the tow bar had not been removed prior to departure, which remained attached throughout the flight.

Date 6 August
Aircraft Howard Hughes Engineering Lightwing Sp-2000
Location Ballina/Byron Gateway Aerodrome
Injuries Unknown
Description During taxi, fire was observed emanating from the main landing gear.

Date 7 August
Aircraft Cessna 210M
Location Mount Ive (ALA)
Injuries Unknown
Description During climb, the pilot detected a rough running engine and returned the aircraft to Mount Ive. On landing, the aircraft skidded and bounced before coming to a stop on the runway. The pilot had inadvertently left the landing gear retracted.