2018 Collectors’ Edition now out!


Every year our feature stories in Flight Safety Australia explore a range of diverse topics that affect aviation safety. We’ve collected these stories in a bumper 144-page Flight Safety Australia 2018 Collectors’ Edition, available now at the online CASA store.

This year at Flight Safety Australia we have worked with a number of outstanding contributors skilled in both aviation safety and communication. They all bring a distinctive combination of expertise, clarity and creative flair to their subject matter.

We started the year with a feature that looked at an effective safety technique adopted by the Japanese railways called ‘shisa kanko’ or ‘point with finger and call’. A train driver, using this technique, has been proven to reduce errors by up to 85 per cent and we explore the possibilities of using these principles in the aviation industry.

In ‘All in your head’, we explore the potential of virtual reality to transform aviation training. The immersive experience this technology delivers can offer a new type of training for pilots, cabin crew and ground personnel.

Other features throughout the year have asked important questions. Thomas P Turner asks how do you, as a pilot, build your judgement and capabilities without putting yourself at risk? His answer is education and deliberate practice. Simply ‘pushing the envelope’ is not an option. And in ‘More than a noisy tape measure’ we ask how accident investigations can be carried out from a new perspective—using drones—and how these unmanned vehicles are giving accident inspectors around the world new ways to visualise and analyse aircraft accidents.

And of course, the popular and important ‘close calls’ section details inciteful lessons learned in the cockpit. The Flight Safety Australia 2018 Collectors’ Edition costs just $15 for packing and postage and can be ordered through the CASA store. It makes for great reading through the holiday season!