Close calls submission form

    9 out of 10 readers agree that the information published in Flight Safety Australia influenced them to become safer.

    And some of those articles have come from people like you.

    If you have ever had a narrow escape from danger, you may have an important lesson to share. It can be anything that has made you think twice or caused you to do things differently that could benefit others in aviation.

    We're after first-hand accounts, between 600 and 1200 words, including the lessons you learnt. We’re looking particularly for stories that align with one of our 4 safety themes:

    • non-controlled operations

    • weather and forecasting

    • flight planning

    • controlled aerodromes and operations.

    If your close call meets our safety themes and word count criteria, you will receive a free gift.

    If your close call is on another topic, such as maintenance, we’d also love to receive it, and it will be considered for publication.

    If we publish your close call, we'll give you $500.

    Submit your close call today!

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