Airservices—What is a CIRRIS Report?

Inside Airservices air traffic control tower at Aelaide Airport. The tower is equipped with the latest state of the art technology.
Adelaide Control Tower | Airservices Australia

‘CIRRIS’ stands for Corporate Integrated Reporting and Risk Information System and is the system Airservices uses to capture safety, environment and risk management information. CIRRIS is comprised of several modules, one of which is the ATS Occurrence Module.

Under the Transport Safety Act, Airservices is required to report certain types of safety occurrences to the ATSB either immediately or as a matter of routine depending on the occurrence factors. CASA also sets a requirement for Airservices as the air navigation service provider (ANSP) to report certain types of ATS occurrences as soon as possible. Air Traffic Controllers are responsible for reporting ATS occurrences in the CIRRIS ATS Occurrence Module, which generates an occurrence notification to both the ATSB and CASA.

ATS CIRRIS Reports automatically forward to operators who have provided their details through Airservices’ Safety Liaison function. Operators who receive reports are able to integrate Airservices CIRRIS reports into their own occurrence reporting in support of their Safety Management System.

Airservices performs a great deal of benchmarking with other ANSPs which is coordinated through CANSO – the Civil Air Navigation Service Organisation. In order to perform benchmarking Airservices ensures that ATS occurrence reporting consistent with the other agencies.

Outside of these requirements, Airservices has its own needs for safety reporting. CIRRIS is the engine that drives Airservices’ understanding of safety performance and helps generate valuable insight on why and where to reduce risk. Airservices conducts systemic investigations and analysis of the occurrence data which is then reported back to the business to encourage safety improvement. Airservices also conducts internal investigations understand contributory factors to safety performance.

Airservices supports a just culture, and capturing reliable occurrence data requires disciplined and honest reporting. CIRRIS occurrences are not about blame or retribution, but provide valuable information to learn from the past and safe guard the future.

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