Improving Australia’s Aviation Meteorological Services

Source: BOM

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is undertaking some important work to improve weather forecasting for the aviation industry.

A detailed analysis of BOM’s operational arrangements was completed in 2015 at the request of the aviation industry.

The review found that while the Bureau runs an effective forecast production system, improvements are necessary to adapt to future requirements and to improve the coordination between forecast centres. This is in line with BOM’s mission to provide world-class aviation meteorological services and insights to its customers that enhance the safety and economy of aviation operations every day.

The Aviation Meteorological Services Transformation (AMST) builds on the recommendations of the Review of Aviation Weather Services (RAWS), delivering a more flexible and responsive service that meets the growing needs of the aviation industry within national and international frameworks.

To achieve this, BOM will move its aviation meteorologists into two new Aviation Forecasting Centres in Brisbane and Melbourne. These centres will deliver most aviation services across Australia by June 2020, using the very latest advances in observational and modelling capabilities. There will be no change to the number of meteorologists employed, and aviation operators across Australia will receive a greater level of service irrespective of where they are based.

The Bureau’s Manager – Aviation Regional Services, Ashwin Naidu said, ‘The changes will allow us to more rapidly employ advances in technology and meteorological science that deliver value to aviation operations and enhance our operational effectiveness and flexibility.’

More information

Information on Aviation Meteorological Services Transformation is available on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website or by contacting Brett Anderson, General Manager – Aviation, Land and Maritime Transport at the Bureau of Meteorology at


  1. Be great to get some accurate WX info for a change! Could start by putting some windows in their buildings! :-):-)

  2. Would it be possible to disseminate these improved products through a more easily digestible manner than what is currently the case please? Look no further than what’s being done in the USA for the weather products there. No need to reinvent the wheel.

    • Another bureaucracy – apparently I can not just agree with Jos I have to write a novel – brevity particularly in Gov is contraindicated.

  3. I find the aviation weather service excellent. I especially like the new GAF. It is a big step forward. What do we need to do to get weather uploaded to the aircraft in flight?

  4. Jos has it nailed, there should be a product for those planning below 10 000 ft that can be read quickly and be easily understood. The current system needs too much dissecting and is not user friendly.

  5. And again except this time I also agree with Shane – Another bureaucracy – apparently I can not just agree with Jos I have to write a novel – brevity particularly in Gov is contraindicated.

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