New runways bring airspace changes to south-east Qld


Two new runways, at Brisbane Airport and Sunshine Coast Airport mean changes in airspace procedures that all pilots in the area need to be aware of. Brisbane has completed its new 3300 m runway after eight years, and Sunshine Coast has a new 2450 m runway ready to open.

Brisbane’s airspace changes on Thursday 21 May, ready for when the new runway opens on Sunday 12 July. Amended flight paths will be used in this period, and new flight paths will be used when the new runway opens.

Sunshine Coast’s existing runway (18/36) will remain active and in use until the new runway is operational on 14 June. Aircraft, including medical and emergency, charter flights and general aviation, will continue to use the current flight paths to the existing runway until the new runway is open. Details of the temporary arrangements can be found at this Airservices page.

Find out more about Brisbane’s airspace change and flight paths at the new runway’s knowledge centre. Pilots should also check Notams and AIP information.