Australian Accidents 22 March – 01 July 2020

Wreckage of the Pereira GP-3 Osprey 2 that crashed at Maitland on 17 May. Image: ATSB

Date 22 March
Aircraft Cessna 172A
Location Canyonleigh, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft crashed in bushland. Occupants got out of wreckage and called emergency services by phone. Head injury case airlifted out.

Date 1 April
Aircraft Jabiru J230
Location Ballarat Airport, Vic
Fatalities 0
Description The Jabiru entered the runway and backtracked with the intention of taking off. A Cessna 172 and a Piper Seminole already established on the mid- and early final approach respectively for the runway. Both aircraft had to go around.

Date 5 April
Aircraft Pipistrel Virus SW 100
Location Heck Field, Norwell, Qld
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft failed to climb after take-off and hit overhead telephone cable

Date 5 April
Aircraft Piper PA-36 Pawnee Brave
Location Kingaroy, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft damaged in forced landing after loss of engine power. Pilot escaped with minor injuries

Date 16 April
Aircraft ATR 42-300
Location Edward River, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description While taxiing to park, the aircraft’s right wingtip struck a frangible floodlight pole. The light pole gave way as designed. Initial contact was with the aircraft’s right navigation light’s perspex cover which cracked and became dislodged. Further inspection found a small dent on the leading edge of the right aileron control horn.

Date 17 April
Aircraft Miles M.3A Falcon Major
Location Tarrington, Vic
Fatalities 0
Description Vintage aircraft (built in 1935) damaged in forced landing after engine stopped in flight. Inspection revealed restricted flow in fuel lines.

Date 22 April
Aircraft Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat
Location Darke Peak, SA
Fatalities 0
Description Pilot encountered windshear on landing. Aircraft bounced, stalled and landed hard, damaging wing and landing gear.

Date 22 April
Aircraft Bell 206L-1
Location Moa Island, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Helicopter collided with terrain on landing, causing substantial damage and injuries to two occupants.

Date 23 April
Aircraft Robinson R44 Raven II
Location Townsville Garbutt Airport, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Helicopter rolled on landing and was substantially damaged. Student solo pilot unhurt

Date 28 April
Aircraft Beechcraft B200 King Air
Location Brisbane International Airport, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft took off on ferry flight with wheel chock hanging from door opening. Returned to Brisbane

Date 11 May
Aircraft Swearingen SA227-DC Metro 23
Location Near Rockhampton Airport, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Incorrect loading of night freighter put centre of gravity aft of limit, causing control difficulties.

Date 17 May
Aircraft Pereira GP-3 Osprey 2
Location Maitland Airport, NSW
Fatalities 1
Description Soon after take-off smoke came from engine of home-built experimental aircraft on test flight. Engine stopped about time of return to airport and aircraft was seen to roll and dive into ground.

Date 18 May
Aircraft Cessna 172N
Location Huntly, Vic
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft became inverted after forced landing in paddock after loss of engine power. Pilot had minor injuries.

Date 6 June
Aircraft Kolb Mark III Xtra
Location Serpentine, WA
Fatalities 0
Description Home built aircraft encountered flutter soon after take-off. Test pilot touched down straight ahead and attempted to ground-loop to avoid airport fence. Rudder pedal broke off during manouevre.

Date 14 June
Aircraft Robinson R22 Beta
Location West of Katherine, NT
Fatalities 0
Description Helicopter was mustering cattle when pilot decided to land near yards. Downwash caused dust cloud and brown-out that removed pilot’s visual references. Pilot rejected climbing out of dust as several obstacles were nearby. Helicopter rolled on landing.

Date 17 June
Aircraft Zenith Zodiac
Location Hunterson, Vic
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft crashed into trees under unknown circumstances, and became suspended in branches. Pilot seriously injured.

Date 20 June
Aircraft Leonardo AW139
Location Dayboro, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Helicopter blades struck tree during winch operation. Substantial damage discovered after landing.

Date 22 June
Aircraft gyrocopter
Location Yaraka, Qld
Fatalities 1
Description Gyrocopter crashed under unknown circumstances during cattle mustering. Pilot, aged 26, was killed.

Date 01 July
Aircraft Austflight Drifter
Location Gatton, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Engine failed at 400 feet after take-off. Aircraft landed in rough paddock, damaging landing gear.

Sources: ASN, ATSB, RA-Aus