International accidents 1 September to 24 December 2019


Date 1 September
Aircraft  Beechcraft B300 King Air 350
Location  Pansol, Philippines
Fatalities  9
Description Aircraft on emergency medical service flight crashed into resort swimming pool, killing flight crew, medical  crew and two patients. Video  footage showed aircraft in steep descent, trailing smoke/vapour before impact.

Date  7 September
Aircraft  Beechcraft C24R Sierra
Location  Henderson Executive Airport, Las Vegas, US
Fatalities  2
Description Aircrraft crashed in attempted return to airport soon after night take-off.  Pilot reported door had opened in flight. Two  survivors.

Date  11 September
Aircraft  Cessna 208 Caravan
Location  Near Gransee, germany
Fatalities  1
Description Skydiving aircraft crashed on return to airfield after dropping jumpers.

Date  15 September
Aircraft   Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain
Location  Popayan, Colombia
Fatalities  7
Description Aircraft struck houses soon after take-off. Two survivors from occupants and five seriously injured on ground

Date  22 September
Aircraft  AutoGyro (Rotorsport) MT-03
Location  Oberlahr, Germany
Fatalities  2
Description Gyrocopter clipped powerline and crashed.

Date  29  September
Aircraft  Cessna 421 Golden Eagle
Location  DeLand, Florida, US
Fatalities  3
Description Piston twin engine aircraft crashed into wooded terrain. US NTSB investigating.

Date   02 October
Aircraft  Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
Location   Windsor Locks Bradley Airport, Connecticut, US
Fatalities  7
Description  World War II bomber on  passenger experience flight was returning to airport after engine problem. It  struck landing lights 300 m short of runway and touched down 150 m short before running off the runway to strike vehicles and a de-icing tank.

Date   03 October
Aircraft  Socata TBM700C2
Location  Near Lansing-Capital City Airport, Michigan, US
Fatalities  5
Description  Aircraft collided with terrain short of the runway  while on an instrument approach, killing two pilots and three of four passengers.

Date  03 October
Aircraft  Antonov An-12
Location  Near Lviv-Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, Ukraine
Fatalities  5
Description  Cargo  aircraft built in 1968 crashed short of runway on early morning approach in foggy conditions. Three people survived.

Date   13 October
Aircraft  Eurocopter EC225LP Super Puma
Location Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture, Japan
Fatalities  1
Description  Elderly woman being rescued from flooding associated with Typhoon Hagibis died after falling 40 m from hoist.  Japan Times newspaper reported her harness had not been properly attached to the line.

Date 15 October
Aircraft  Home-built
Location   Dexter Regional Airport, Bangor, Maine, US
Fatalities  1
Description  World War I replica Neiuport biplane was conducting taxi tests when gust of wind caused it to leave ground, airport officials said. Pilot sustained head injuries when aircraft landed inverted, and died later.

Date   17 October
Aircraft  Saab 2000
Location   Unalaska Airport, Alaska, US
Fatalities  1
Description  Passenger was struck by fragments from propeller blade that penetrated fuselage after runway overrun and crash, and  died in hospital the next day

Date 17 October
Aircraft  Aeronca 7AC Champion
Location Near Martins Aerodrome Brown County, Wisconsin, US
Fatalities  2
Description  Aircraft struck a vehicle on a public road while on landing approach. Pilot and driver killed.

Date   20 October
Aircraft  Piper PA-32-301 Saratoga
Location  Near Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina, US
Fatalities  2
Description  Aircraft crashed on night approach to runway. Private pilot held an instrument rating.

Date   23 October
Aircraft  Robinson R22 Beta
Location   Near Hebbronville, Texas, US
Fatalities  2
Description  Two R22 helicopters collided while herding deer. Both occupants of one helicopter killed, passenger on other helicopter injured.

Date    26 October
Aircraft  Schempp-Hirth Ventus c
Location Meranges, Spain
Fatalities  1

Description  Glider crashed  under unknown circumstances, killing the pilot.
Date   26 October
Aircraft De Havilland  DHC-3 T/M601 Turbine Otter
Location   Near Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba, CAnada
Fatalities  3
Description  Right wing separated from floatplane (built 1957) as it turned final for water landing

Date 29  October
Aircraft  Cessna 414 Chancellor
Location Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, US
Fatalities  1
Description  Aircraft struck three houses while on landing approach.

Date   31 October
Aircraft  Beechcraft 58 Baron
Location  Near Ocala Airport, Florida, US
Fatalities  2
Description  Aircraft struck a car on a public road after reporting a mechanical issue on a maintenance flight. One person in the car injured

Date  1 November
Aircraft  Cessna 150 Aerobat (Reims)
Location   Near Santa Severa, Rome Italy
Fatalities  2
Description  Aircraft struck power cables on final approach.

Date   7 November
Aircraft  Cirrus SR22
Location Near Upland-Cable Airport, California , US
Fatalities 1
Description  Aircraft struck a house while on final approach. Witnesses saw it appear to stall and dive.

Date   11 November
Aircraft  Robinson R44 RAven
Location   Ariana, Tunisia
Fatalities  1
Description  Agricultural helicopter struck electricity pylon and crashed.

Date   14 November
Aircraft  Cessna 550 Citation II
Location   Maraú-Barra Grande Airport
Fatalities 5
Description  Aircraft crashed and burst into flames on landing.

Date   24 November
Aircraft  Dornier 228-200
Location   Near Goma Airport, Democratic Republic of Congo
Fatalities  19+10
Description  Aircraft crashed into residential area soon after takeoff, killing all on board and 10 people on the ground.

Date   27 November
Aircraft  Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six
Location   Near Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Fatalities  7
Description  Aircraft dived steeply into wooded terrain  on extended centre line of runway while on approach. Deaths included two  children

Date   1 December
Aircraft  Piper PA-24-250 Comanche
Location  Near San Antonio International Airport, Texas, US
Fatalities  3
Description  Pilot had  indicated an engine problem. Witneses reported the aircraft reached the runway threshold high, attempted an orbit, but stalled and crashed into a residential street.

Date   5 December
Aircraft  Robinson R44 Raven
Location   Eshowe, South Africa
Fatalities  1
Description  Agricultural aerial application helicopter struck powerline and crashed into a field.

Date 10 December
Aircraft  Piper PA-60-602P Super 700 Aerostar
Location Gabriola Island, Vancouver, Canada
Fatalities  3
Description  Private aircraft hit island while lined up for instrument approach.

Date   17 December
Aircraft  Beechcraft 35R Bonanza
Location   Oregon City, US
Fatalities  1
Description  Aircraft left taxiway and hit fence. Pilot subsequently found to have  had fatal heart attack.

Date   21 December
Aircraft  Cirrus SR22T
Location   Near Zell am See Airpoprt, Austria
Fatalities  2
Description  Aircraft struck terrain during missed RNAV approach. Pilot and one of two of his daughters on board died.

Date   24 December
Aircraft  Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Location   Near Tastiota, Mexico
Fatalities  2
Description  Contact with scheduled flight lost after take-off. Wreckage found on coastal hillside



  1. Given the attitude of pilots on the mid north coast (NSW), i’m not surprised that this list is not longer. Inexperienced trainees, Low altitude flying and looping, weird joy flights – seems to be a sport now and nobody seems to care… I call them tree skimmers (less than 50m above ground in one case) one day it will go pear shaped… (no recovery here) oh wait, another investigation into pilot recklessness after it is too late…

    WAKE UP – MNC Pilots wake up if you are reading this…

    Question: Does any pilot have any concern about the impact they are making on the ground???

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