International Accidents/ Incidents 24 March – 22 June 2020


Date 24 March
Aircraft Bell 505 JetRanger X
Location Christiana, South Africa
Fatalities 1
Description After landing one of the helicopter’s skids sank into soft ground, causing it to roll and kill a passenger, the pilot’s daughter.

Date 29 March
Aircraft IAI 1124A Westwind II
Location Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines
Fatalities 8
Description Aircraft on medevac flight overran runway on take-off and caught fire, killing flight crew, medical crew and two foreign passengers.

Date 9 April
Aircraft Arion Lightning LS-1
Location Near Mount Pleasant Regional Airport, South Carolina, US
Fatalities 2
Description Amateur-built light sport aircraft hit trees after touch-and-go night landing. Pilot, who had recently bought aircraft, and instructor killed. Wreckage stretched 80 metres.

Date 11 April
Aircraft O-19 hot air balloon
Location Ibitinga, near Sao Paulo, Brazil
Fatalities 2
Description Video footage shows sudden and complete deflation of privately flown sport balloon completely followed by uncontrolled descent.

Date 18 April
Aircraft Chaika L-142M
Location Lesnoye, near Khabarovsk, Russia
Fatalities 4
Description Twin engine amphibian crashed en route, killing all on board

Date 19 April
Aircraft BAe 125-700A
Location Near Las Cruces, Guatamala
Fatalities 2
Description Two bodies and 762 kg of cocaine found in wreckage of aircraft that crashed in wooded area

Date 25 April
Aircraft Fly Synthesis Storch/ paraglider
Location Ajdovščina, Slovenia
Fatalities 1
Description Light sport aircraft and paraglider collided. Two people on aeroplane saved, with injuries, by activating aircraft parachute

Date 1 May
Aircraft Sikorsky S76 B
Location Mount Jiri, South Korea
Fatalities 2
Description SAR helicopter carrying five crew crashed while hoisting a casualty (a mountain climber reported to have suffered a heart attack). A second climber was on the ground below. Crew sustained minor injuries, both climbers died.

Date 4 May
Aircraft Embraer 120 RT Brasilia
Location Near Bardale Airstrip, Somalia
Fatalities 6
Description Aircraft carrying medical supplies shot down in error by Ethiopian peacekeepers, who mistook it for a suicide attacker. Aircraft had approached runway from an unusual direction and made a low-level go round.

Date 5 May
Aircraft Learjet 35A
Location Near Esquel, Argentina
Fatalities 3
Description Emergency medical service aircraft with doctor, nurse and two pilots on board crashed trying to land at night in thick fog.

Date 7 May
Aircraft Boeing 737
Location Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Texas, US
Fatalities 1
Description Airliner struck and killed a 22-year -old man on runway. He was not an airport employee, and was on runway for unknown reason.

Date 12 May
Aircraft Quest Kodiak 100
Location Lake Sentani, Jayapura, Indonesia
Fatalities 1
Description Missionary aircraft delivering medical supplies crashed into lake soon after take-off. American pilot issued mayday call.

Date 22 May
Aircraft Airbus A320-200
Location Near Karachi Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan
Fatalities 97+2
Description Aircraft went around after a gear-up landing that damaged the engines. Engines failed during go round and aircraft crashed 1340 m short of runway.

Date 31 May
Aircraft Schleicher ASK 21
Location Mount Tauhara, New Zealand
Fatalities 2
Description Instructor and student killed when glider crashed into dense bush on mountainside

Date 5 June
Aircraft Quad City Challenger II
Location Near Wurtsboro, New York, US
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft crashed into trees near runway after failing to climb. Witness heard engine stutter and fuel tank was found empty. Passenger died at scene, pilot died eight days later.

Date 10 June
Aircraft Piper PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance II
Location Near Selma-Craig Air Field, Selma, Alabama, US
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft crashed on landing approach after loss of engine power

Date 22 June
Aircraft Cessna TU206G Turbo Stationair 6
Location Between Chihuahua and Sinaloa, Mexico
Fatalities 6
Description Aircraft went missing en route

Date 25 June
Aircraft Sonex
Location near Centerville, Utah, US
Fatalities 2
Description Light sport aircraft came down in field near aerodrome. Occupants died from fire-related injuries.