CASA sponsors drone safety signs

drone safety sign at Alice Springs airport
A drone safety sign at Alice Springs airport.

A new round of sponsorship to promote drone safety is now open.

CASA is accepting applications from individuals, organisations, local government councils and airports to support the production and installation of drone safety signs to help increase awareness of the drone rules and restricted airspaces where drones must not be flown.

The signs can be displayed in public areas such as parks, playgrounds and other populous areas.

CASA’s Peter Gibson says the sponsorship round will help landowners, local government authorities, schools and airports to actively do their part to increase drone safety.

‘With the growing number of drones in Australia, drone safety signs are essential for preventing safety incidents, accidents and injuries by encouraging safer behaviours to protect people, property and aircraft operating in restricted airspace,’ he says.

‘This sponsorship round is a great opportunity for individuals, organisations, local councils and airports to get help with funding signs for this important safety message.’

Each grant will offer between $1000 and $3000 to cover the costs of producing and installing the signage.

Applications are open until 23 April and can be submitted via the CASA website.