TAF review: what’s happening with the weather

image: Stratocumulus | courtesy of Bureau of Meterology

In Australia, aerodrome forecasts (terminal area forecasts, TAFs) are funded by a meteorological service charge (MSC) levied on the aviation industry. To ensure this paid service is provided with the best efficiency, fairness and safety focus, the Bureau of Meteorology reviews it from time to time.

The report on the latest review was released in July and the changes are due to be made by 2 December.

The Bureau recognised COVID-19 had severely affected aircraft operations; therefore, pre-pandemic data was used when analysing aircraft and passenger movements.

The review determined MSC-funded TAF services:

  • remain unchanged at 189 aerodromes
  • be reinstated at 2 aerodromes
  • be increased at 3 aerodromes
  • be reduced at 4 aerodromes.

As well, MSC funding will be removed at 9 aerodromes.

The TAF Review Final Report, Implementation Plan and a document summarising the changes between the draft and final versions of the TAF Review report, can be found on the Bureau’s TAF Review 2021 website.