Selected International Accidents/Incidents 2 October – 30 December 2020


Aircraft  Socata TBM 700N
Location Corfu, New York state, USA
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft made a right-hand turn while descending in IFR and flew into ground. Flightpath observed on Buffalo Approach radar. Controller instructed, ‘stop your descent, level your wings, maintain any altitude,’ but heard no reply.

Date 10 October
Aircraft  Robin DR400/140 Major/Alpi Pioneer 300
Location Loches, France
Fatalities 5
Description Light sport aircraft and GA aircraft (Robin) carrying pilot and two tourist passengers collided over Loire valley, killing all onboard. Tourist aircraft had taken off from the city of Poitiers, about 100km away.

Date 20 October
Aircraft  Robinson R44 Raven II
Location Vologda region, Russia
Fatalities 4
Description Helicopter crashed into Suhona River during cruise flight.

Date 25 October
Aircraft  Cessna 172H
Location near Dunnellon/Marion County Airport, Florida, USA
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, killing its recently licensed pilot, who was police chief of a nearby city.

Date 29 October
Aircraft  Gulfstream American G-1159A Gulfstream III
Location Laguna del Tigre National Park, Guatemala
Fatalities 3
Description Inverted wreckage of 37-year-old business jet found in a pond, 7 km south of Mexican border. Aircraft had been tracked by Guatemalan Air Force but disappeared from radar screens.

Date 1 November
Aircraft Rockwell Sabreliner 65
Location El Chico, Guatemala
Fatalities 1
Description Private jet found crashed about 15 km from the Mexican border. Aircraft had broken up and rolled inverted, presumably during an attempted landing at an illegal airstrip. Packages of narcotics and a body found in the wreckage.

Date 2 November
Aircraft  Socata TB-10 Tobago
Location Near Cannes Mandelieu Airport
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft crashed into sea while on circuit for touch-and go landing practice.

Date 6 November
Aircraft  Beechcraft J35 Bonanza (V-tail)
Location near Gillespie County Airport, Fredericksburg, Texas, USA
Fatalities 1
Description During formation flying practice, two Bonanzas collided after one of them reported a gear retraction problem. One aircraft landed off-airport, causing minor injuries to two people on board, the other aircraft crashed, killing its sole occupant, a retired airline pilot.

Date 7 November
Aircraft  Cessna 182P
Location Sierra de Canelas, Mexico
Fatalities 3
Description Aircraft crashed into a deep ravine for unknown reasons.

Date 8 November
Aircraft  Quest Kodiak 100
Location Guatemala City, Guatemala
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft carrying humanitarian aid supplies struck trees after take-off from La Aurora airport, crashed and caught fire. Pilot and passenger rescued but died in hospital.

Date 19 November
Aircraft  AutoGyro MTOSport 2010
Location Birika, Kenya
Fatalities 1
Description Trainee Kenyan Wildlife Service pilot killed when gyrocopter crashed under unknown circumstances.

Date 20 November
Aircraft  Eurocopter AS350B3
Location Cabra Corral reservoir, Argentina
Fatalities 2
Description Helicopter crashed in riverbed, reportedly after wire strike with a zip line.

Date 28 November
Aircraft  Unknown
Location Esmeraldas, Equador
Fatalities 2
Description Fishers found aircraft wreckage and bodies of two men in the sea. Aircraft suspected to have been on a drug smuggling flight.

Date 5 December
Aircraft  Bell 407
Location Tulancingo, Mexico
Fatalities 1
Description Passenger killed when they approached helicopter to board it and were struck by main rotor blade.

Date 9 December
Aircraft  Antonov An-2R
Location Near Zolota Sloboda, Ukraine
Fatalities 1
Description Utility biplane, which had been removed from Ukrainian register in 2019, found inverted in field, along with body of pilot.

Date 15 December
Aircraft  Eurocopter EC 120B
Location Kekerengu River mouth, New Zealand
Fatalities 2
Description Helicopter experienced loss of tail rotor authority and crashed on beach. Three survivors were seriously injured.

Aircraft  Embraer EMB-200A Ipanema
Location Near Vicentinopolis, Brazil
Fatalities 1
Description Agricultural aircraft crashed during application spray run.

Date 23 December
Aircraft  Cessna 172M (Reims)
Location Near Pegnitz, Bavaria, Germany
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft took off after 4pm on short winter day. 28-year-old pilot made emergency call (unspecified) before crashing about 5pm in darkness. ELT signal located wreckage.

Date 30  December
Aircraft  Robinson R66
Location Ohjiro, Shimada City, Japan
Fatalities 1
Description Witness saw helicopter suddenly roll before descending rapidly.