Selected international accidents/incidents 30 December 2020–25 March 2021


Date 1 January
Aircraft Robinson R44 Raven II
Location Near Eaglesham, Alberta, Canada
Fatalities 4
Description Helicopter crashed under unknown circumstances about 8pm local time. ELT alerted crash to authorities.

Date 4 January
Aircraft Beech G58 Baron
Location Near Weiner, Arkansas, US
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft crashed in field under unknown circumstances. NTSB investigating.

Date 9 January
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Location Sea, northeast of Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia
Fatalities 62
Description Airliner crashed into sea after rapid descent following apparent loss of control. Preliminary investigation report described autothrottle problems on aircraft.

Date 21 January
Aircraft Air Tractor AT-402B
Location Near Bultfontein, South Africa
Fatalities 1
Description Agricultural aircraft found inverted in field with pilot dead in cockpit from injuries.

Date 23 January
Aircraft Lindstrand LBL-77A Balloon
Location Rio Rancho, New Mexico, US
Fatalities 1
Description Balloon struck brush on landing, ejecting passenger from basket.

Date 24 January
Aircraft Beechcraft 95-B55 Baron
Location Near Porto Nacional-Associação Tocantinense de Aviação Airport, Brazil
Fatalities 6
Description Aircraft lost control on initial climb and crashed into field.

Date 29 January
Aircraft Mil MI-8
Location Mensura National Park, Cuba
Fatalities 5
Description Helicopter operated by state-owned Cuban airline struck hillside at 995 metres elevation, killing all onboard.

Date 4 February
Aircraft Cessna A185E Skywagon
Location Near Chitina, Arkansas, US
Fatalities 2
Description Agricultural aircraft apparently broke up in flight. Wreckage fell in isolated mountainous area.

Date 9 February
Aircraft Bell 206B JetRanger III
Location Mont Charvet, France
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft struck mountainside at an altitude of 1900 metres (6250 ft). Two of the five occupants were killed and the helicopter was destroyed.

Date 16 February
Aircraft Velocity V-Twin
Location Near Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport, US
Fatalities 2
Description Twin-engine pusher experimental aircraft crashed soon after take-off.

Date 20 February
Aircraft Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee
Location Ilopango, El Salvador
Fatalities 3
Description Aircraft departed cruise flight and crashed into wooded terrain. One survivor.

Date 1 March
Aircraft Beechcraft B300 King Air 350i
Location Ji’an County, China
Fatalities 5
Description Aircraft on cloud-seeding flight stalled and crashed during initial climb. Crash destroyed 3 houses and injured one person on the ground.

Date 2 March
Aircraft LET-410
Location Pieri, South Sudan
Fatalities 10
Description Aircraft reported engine failure on initial climb and second engine failed while returning to airport. Aircraft was found to be falsely registered.

Date 10 March
Aircraft Embraer EMB-711C Corisco
Location Near Fazenda Nova Esperança, Indianópolis, Brazil
Fatalities 2
Description Brazilian GA aircraft based on Piper PA-28R crashed on take-off after reported engine failure. Three survivors onboard were seriously injured.

Date 16 March
Aircraft Cessna 177B Cardinal
Location Near Burg Feuerstein Airfield, Germany
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft crashed on approach in bad weather.

Date 17 March
Aircraft Patchen TSC-2 Explorer 2000
Location Swartkop Air Force Base, South Africa
Fatalities 2
Description Vintage South African made observation aircraft belonging to air force museum crashed on approach, killing pilot and passenger.

Date 20 March
Aircraft Boeing B-17G
Location Briscoe Field, Georgia, USA
Fatalities 0
Description Historic bomber aircraft had bird strike on landing. Wing leading edge damaged.

Date 20 March
Aircraft Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Location Marsabit, Kenya
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft collided with ground in mountainous area, killing crew.

Date 25 March
Aircraft Kamov Ka-32
Location Curonian Lagoon, Kaliningrad, Russia
Fatalities 2
Description Rescue helicopter crashed during night training mission over sea.