Maintenance Quiz

Plane engine with propellor – maintenance
Image: © Civil Aviation Safety Authority

1 Alclad, a metal used in the construction of aircraft: 

  1. is an alloy of aluminium with a layer of pure aluminium on each side 
  2. has a core of pure aluminium with an alloy on each side 
  3. reduces surface corrosion because of the pure aluminium core 
  4. reduces surface corrosion only if a further coating of epoxy primer is applied 

2 Castellated nuts are designed to allow a lower torque to be applied and are retained by:

  1. a nylock insert 
  2. a split pin (cotter key) 
  3. a thread locker (such as locktite) 
  4. lockwire (safety wire) 

3 When a wet torque is specified in a maintenance document, you can use:

  1. any lubricant 
  2. any commercial wet lubricant 
  3. a lubricant that is specified in the maintenance document 
  4. a dry lubricant such as Molycoat if the lubricant in the maintenance document is not available 

4 Many light aircraft have tubular structures manufactured from 4130 steel, which:

  1. is a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel 
  2. is a high-carbon steel 
  3. is not as strong as 1020 steel, but is ideal for welding 
  4. may become brittle if heat treated 

5 AD/GENERAL/87 Amendment 1. ‘Primary Flight Control Cable Terminals – Detailed Visual Inspections’ is applicable to:

  1. trim and flap cable assemblies 
  2. pitch, roll and yaw axis control cable assemblies 
  3. trim, flap, pitch, roll and yaw axis control cable assemblies 
  4. engine, propeller, pitch, roll and yaw axis control cable assemblies 

6 If an aircraft bolt has a triangle with a cross in the middle of the triangle on its head, the type of bolt is:

  1. close-tolerance
  2. corrosion-resistant
  3. low-strength
  4. standard AN-series

7 Aircraft hardware contains a selection of various types of nuts including nylock
nuts, which: 

  1. should be used when high rotational forces are applied (such as a propeller) 
  2. should be used in applications where high heat is generated 
  3. can always be substituted with metal-lock nuts
  4. are mainly used in light aircraft operations 

8 An aircraft rivet with designation MS20470-3-4:

  1. is 1/4”in diameter and 3/16” long 
  2. has universal head rivet 3/32” diameter and ¼” long 
  3. is manufactured from commercial aluminium 
  4. is manufactured from 2024 aluminium alloy 

9 Markings on the heads of aircraft rivets are used to classify their characteristics. A rivet made from 2017T has a:

  1. recessed dot
  2. raised cross
  3. raised dot 
  4. recessed double dot

10 On light turbo-fan engines such as the Garrett TFE731, the fan speed (N1)
is determined by the: 

  1. amount of gas flowing through the gas producer turbine 
  2. amount of gas flowing through the power turbine 
  3. mass flow of air in the fan bypass duct 
  4. engine computer having inputs from various sensors 

11 When there is damage to an MT composite propeller, it is:

  1. unserviceable if the damage penetrates the leading edge 
  2. serviceable if the damage penetrates the leading edge and is immediately dressed out by the pilot in the field 
  3. unserviceable if the damage is superficial to the face of the blade (back) 
  4. serviceable if the damage penetrates the leading edge 

12 For radome maintenance and repair:

  1. it can be carried out by standard personnel providing they are using manufacturer’s data 
  2. it must be carried out by qualified personnel using manufacturer’s data 
  3. a plastic nose cap will not affect the performance of the radar 
  4. installation of a plastic nose cap can be carried out without using manufacturer’s data 

13 In aircraft weight and balance, sometimes the datum (reference point) used for calculating the centre of gravity of the aircraft is a specified distance in front of the aircraft, e.g. 100” forward of the firewall; this: 

  1. ensures all distances measured on the aircraft are positive in relation to the datum 
  2. makes the physical measuring of the distances easier 
  3. allows a more accurate centre-line to be drawn and thus gives more accurate measurements 
  4. eliminates the need to measure the distance between the main wheels and the nose/tail wheel 

14 An inflight lean-of-peak magneto check is:

  1. never done as the engine may be inadvertently shut down 
  2. done to establish the health of the ignition system 
  3. done to see how far the EGTs will rise on the magneto selected 
  4. done to see how far the EGTs will fall on the magneto selected 

15 You can establish the serviceability of an engine (the engine will make full power) in a fixed-pitch propeller installation, if:

  1. in cruising flight, cruise rpm as specified in the FM/POH can be maintained
  2. on take-off, red-line rpm can be reached
  3. statically on the ground at full throttle, the propeller rpm reaches the range specified
    in the FM/POH
  4. statically on the ground at full throttle, the propeller rpm reaches red line



  1. (a)
  2. (b)
  3. (c)
  4. (a)
  5. (b)
  6. (a)
  7. (d)
  8. (b)
  9. (c)
  10. (b)
  11. (a)
  12. (b)
  13. (a)
  14. (b)
  15. (c)