New drone safety apps

person looking at a drone safety app on their mobile phone

Five new CASA-verified drone safety apps are now available for recreational and commercial drone operators to download and use.

The apps give users location-based information with easy-to-use maps about where you can and can’t fly your drone according to CASA’s drone safety rules.

They can also help commercial operators with planning, getting an airspace authorisation near a controlled aerodrome, and conducting and recording operations.

‘It is exciting to bring on additional new apps for this growing industry,’ Sharon Marshall-Keeffe, acting RPAS branch manager says.

‘With 8 CASA-verified drone safety apps now available on our website, drone operators have more choice in the apps they can use, with a range of options designed to suit their needs.’

Aerologix, Airassess, AVCRM, Flyanra, and Flyfreely are the latest third-party app developers to connect to the RPAS digital platform.

The RPAS digital platform is an innovative and cost-effective approach by CASA that facilitates third-party app developers to deliver safety information to drone users in a consistent and accessible way.​​​​​​​

Check out the apps on the CASA website.