Now available – guides to help pilots comply with new flight ops rules


Guides designed to help pilots and operators understand the rules of the air have been updated and refreshed to reflect the new operating rules which came into effect on
2 December.

They are a fully reviewed and revised Visual Flight Rules Guide (VFRG) and an updated Part 91 Plain English Guide.

The VFRG is one of CASA’s most popular products, with more than 11,000 copies having been sold in the past 3 years. It’s one of the key documents relied on by pilots during their flight training and exams.

‘The first chapter Know your rules and responsibilities – provides rules that a private pilot should be familiar with and sets the tone for the rest of the guide,’ Andreas Marcelja, Executive Manager, Stakeholder Engagement Division, says.

‘We also included updates to regulatory references and content to reflect the general operating and flight rules (CASR Part 91).

‘There’s a new chapter on radio communication procedures which provides all information related to words, standard phrases and communication procedures that happen between aircraft and ground stations.

‘And finally, there’s another new chapter on managing hazards which aims to improve a pilot’s understanding of the hazards that are likely to be encountered while planning and undertaking a flight.

‘Given the significance of the changes, we will be switching off the dedicated VFRG website in January 2022. We’ve replaced that with an interactive PDF for pilots to download to their iPad and view it on the go.’

The Part 91 Plain English Guide was released by CASA earlier this year and reflects a number of instruments and exemptions that have since been put in place by CASA. It ensures this remains a single source of truth for industry.

You can also pre-order your updated Part 91 PEG and VFRG print publications through CASA’s Online Store or download both from the website for free.


  1. Hi CASA,
    I greatly appreciate all the great work involved in the compilation of this guide and I’d like to see an equal balance and representation of male and female pilots, or at least one female pilot in this guide.

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