Applying for a medical certificate? Avoid the CASA queue


It’s a common misconception that all medical certificate applications and renewals must be reviewed and approved by CASA.

For class 1 applicants and people with certain conditions, that’s true.

But if you’re applying for a class 2 medical certificate or a basic class 2 medical certificate, your GP or designated aviation medical examiner (DAME) may be able to help fast track the process for you.

If you’re applying for a class 2 medical, some DAMEs may issue one on the spot. These are known as DAME2s. If you’d like to book a medical examination with someone who is authorised to provide this service, check out the list of Australian DAME2s on our website.

Basic class 2 medical certificates can be recommended for approval by any medical practitioner (including a GP) who does medicals for commercial motor vehicle drivers. The medical standard is exactly the same as the commercial driver standard (Austroads).

If you’re applying for a basic class 2 medical, all you need to do is:

  • enter your details in MRS
  • nominate the medical practitioner who will be conducting your examination
  • print the form with your medical practitioner’s details on it
  • attend your medical appointment
  • (where no issues are identified) complete the declaration in MRS and pay the $10 application fee. The basic class 2 medical certificate will then be emailed to you on the spot.

We’re currently processing a large number of applications, so choosing these options, if they apply to you, can potentially save you a significant amount of time – and avoid you getting caught in our queues.

It will also help free up our staff to focus on class 1 medical applications and renewals, and medical applications and renewals in other classes that require a CASA review.

Not sure which class of medical certificate you should be applying for or what the different options are? See the classes of medical certificates on our website.