Stay OnTrack: Flying the Perth region


Flying into metropolitan areas can be intimidating and nerve racking, as you share the airspace with a diverse mix of traffic.

CASA recently developed Stay OnTrack: Flying the Gold Coast Region and Stay OnTrack: Flying the Brisbane region for pilots to navigate these busy areas.

Now another guide has been developed – for Perth – geared to help VFR pilots plan and conduct their flights.

The booklet has information about avoiding restricted airspace and runway incursions, airspace infringement hotspots, arrival and departure procedures, radio procedures and helicopter operations.

Jandakot Class D airspace is unique as it abuts Perth CTR to the north, has Class G airspace to the west, south and east, and Class C airspace directly above its upper limit of 1.500 feet. Jandakot Airport hosts a number of aeroplane and helicopter flying schools and, as a result, the circuit area and Class G airspace surrounding the airport are often very busy.

The guide contains charts showing airspace infringement hotspots as well as maps of the runways and apron area.

And there are sample radio calls to guide you through airways and taxi clearance, with the relevant frequencies listed.

The charts show the VFR reporting points for inbound and outbound traffic.

The Bureau of Meteorology outlines what type of weather patterns pilots can expect in the region. Summer presents the best flying conditions but hazards may be present, such as thunderstorms.

The guide complements the larger format wall charts which CASA gives to flight training schools.

Pilots still need to follow their flight planning requirements by checking document such as charts and ERSA for updates to airspace and procedures, as well as NOTAMs and weather briefings.

If pilots are in any doubt, they should call a local operator or ATC for advice.

Stay OnTrack: Flying the Perth region is available – along with the Brisbane and Gold Coast guides – in print from the CASA online store for $2.95 or download for free from the CASA website.