Selected Australian accidents/incidents 7 July – 26 September 2022

Cessna 182RG crash QLD
Cessna 182RG crash, QLD

Date 7 July
Aircraft Sling 2
Location Sunshine Coast Airport, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description On first solo flight for  a year, pilot left pitot cover in place, aborted take-off.

Date 8 July
Aircraft Jabiru J160C
Location Lismore Airport, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description Instructor and student doing circuits saw another aircraft near runway which had arrived unannounced and unnoticed.

Date 9 July
Aircraft Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II
Location Near South Maroota, NSW
Fatalities 1
Description Helicopter broke up inflight and impacted terrain about
10 km north of the departure point. ATSB preliminary examination mentioned carcass of wedge-tailed eagle removed from transmission cowling.

Date 11 July
Aircraft Boeing 717
Location Rockhampton Airport, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Qantas Link flight had taxiway excursion and became bogged. Removal took 5 days.

Date 16 July
Aircraft Jabiru J430
Location Streaky Bay private airstrip, SA
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft contacted electricity transmission wire on landing approach, resulting in damage, and minor injury to pilot.

Date 22 July
Aircraft Aerochute powered parachute
Location Lake King, Vic
Fatalities 0
Description Pilot glided to landing in lake after engine stopped at 100 ft. Engine ran normally when later tested.

Date 30 July
Aircraft Bell 206L LongRanger
Location Newman Airport, WA
Fatalities 0
Description Rotor blade clipped hangar door gantry while helicopter taxiing.

Date 9 August
Aircraft Jabiru J160-D
Location Port Pirie, SA
Fatalities 0
Description Knob came off when student pilot pulled carburettor heat control.

Date 10 August
Aircraft Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey
Location Coila Lake, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description Light sport amphibian overturned on landing. Occupants received minor injuries.

Date 22 August
Aircraft Cessna 172
Location Warnervale Airport, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description Runway excursion on landing damaged aircraft and injured pilot who was taken to hospital.

Date 29 August
Aircraft Cessna 182RG
Location Near Fernvale, Qld
Fatalities 3
Description Aicraft crashed en route in dense bushland, killing pilot and two passengers.

Date 2 September
Aircraft Aeropro Eurofox
Location Wagga Wagga, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description On arrival, student pilot flew circuits on runway 05 instead of 23 which was in use.

Date 8 September
Aircraft Aeropro Eurofox
Location Sunshine Coast Airport, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft lost a wheel on take-off. Occupants injured in subsequent emergency landing.

Date 11 September
Aircraft Jabiru J230-D
Location Near Ayr, Qld
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft crashed en route.

Date 17 September
Aircraft Jabiru J230-C
Location Near Tallangatta, Vic
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft reported missing. Wreckage found in dense bush 2 days later.

Date 19 September
Aircraft Air Tractor AT-502B
Location Near Canaga, Qld
Fatalities 1
Description Agricultural aircraft crashed during spray flight in wheat field. Feathers found amid wreckage.

Date 26 September
Aircraft Robinson R22 Beta
Location Budgerygar Station, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft lost control on landing, destroying itself and seriously injuring pilot.

Sources: Aviation Safety Network, RA-Aus, ATSB