Selected Australian accidents/incidents 4 April – 26 June 2022

Beechcraft 58 Baron
Beechcraft 58 Baron

Date 4 April
Aircraft Bell 206L-4 Longranger IV
Location Kiandra Flats, NSW
Fatalities 2
Description Private helicopter crashed near Snowy Mountains Highway under unknown circumstances. ATSB investigating.

Date 4 April
Aircraft de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Turbine Beaver
Location Moruya airport, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description After parachute drop, retro-fitted Garret TPE-331 engine stopped and pilot made forced landing at airport.

Date 16 April
Aircraft Beechcraft 58 Baron
Location Kununurra, WA
Fatalities 1
Description During approach to runway, the pilot reported aircraft was on fire. Aircraft collided with terrain short of runway, injuring pilot and killing only passenger.

Date 18 April
Aircraft Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Location Coonabarabran, NSW
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft struck powerline and crashed.

Date 20 April
Aircraft Kubicek BB78Z balloon
Location Elwood, Vic
Fatalities 0
Description Pilot of balloon with 12 passengers had difficulties with deflation system not sealing and elected to land at Elwood Beach as envelope was leaking hot air. Aircraft came down in a residential area, striking trees and a building. No Injuries.

Date 27 April
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Location Near Gold Coast Airport, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft made uncommanded right roll during climb-out, which happened again during aircraft’s prompt return to airport. Investigation found damage to left flap and missing flap track parts.

Date 1 May
Aircraft Quest Kodiak 100
Location Over Blue Mountains, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description Pilot received fuel warnings and took checklist action including cycling fuel pump. After noises were heard from wing, fuel warnings stopped, pilot abandoned approach to emergency landing and continued to destination. Engineering investigation found collapsed fuel tank and wing structure and mud wasp nests in fuel tank vents, which were undetectable in daily inspection.

Date 4 May
Aircraft Tecnam P92 Eaglet
Location Wagga Wagga, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft wingtip collided with bird soon after take-off about 150 feet AGL. Aircraft flew circuit and returned to runway.

Date 16 May
Aircraft Robinson R44
Location Nathan River Station, NT
Fatalities 0
Description Engine failed during sightseeing flight. Pilot autorotated to landing but helicopter was destroyed, injuring 3 of 4 occupants, one seriously.

Date 17 May
Aircraft Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Location Lake Eyre, SA
Fatalities 0
Description Tourist charter aircraft made forced landing near Lake Eyre for unknown reasons. No injuries.

Date 21 May
Aircraft Airborne Edge X
Location Quinninup, WA
Fatalities 1
Description Powered trike crashed soon after take-off.

Date 6 June
Aircraft Just JA30 SuperSTOL
Location Ballina, NSW
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft attempted landing at Ballina after engine failure. Pilot elected to land in nearby paddock and ground-looped aircraft to avoid a fence. Minor damage, no injuries.

Date 13 June
Aircraft Jabiru UL-450
Location Imbil, Qld
Fatalities 0
Description Aircraft overturned during forced landing. Engine had failed on pilot’s first flight after purchase of aircraft. Pilot uninjured, presumably unimpressed.

Date 20 June
Aircraft Boeing 737-400
Location 90 nm west of Meekatharra, WA
Fatalities 0
Description Flight crew noticed discrepancy between left and right side readings for altitude, IAS and Mach number. Aircraft returned to Perth.

Date 25 June
Aircraft Robinson R44 Raven II
Location Echuca, Vic
Fatalities 0
Description Helicopter crashed into paddock under undisclosed circumstances, injuring all 3 on board, one critically.

Date 26 June
Aircraft Austflight Drifter A503
Location Bowenville, Qld
Fatalities 1
Description Open cockpit aircraft crashed after striking power lines.

Sources: ATSB, RAAus, Flight Safety Foundation