Selected International Accidents/Incidents 1 July – 30 September 2022

Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook crash into a body of water
Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook

Date 1 July
Aircraft Learjet 35A
Location Rio Grande International Airport, Argentina
Fatalities 4
Description Medical service aircraft crashed soon after take-off while returning to home base.

Date 1 July
Aircraft Bell 206B JetRanger
Location Agua Buena, Mexico
Fatalities 4
Description Aircraft found burnt in field with 4 handcuffed bodies inside. Circumstances of event unclear.

Date 6 July
Aircraft Bell 505 JetRanger X
Location Shidu Scenic Area, Beijing, China
Fatalities 2
Description Helicopter crashed into river.

Date 11 July
Aircraft Cessna T210H Turbo Centurion
Location Pontes e Lacerda, Brazil
Fatalities 1
Description Brazilian border police surprised aircraft unloading narcotics. Aircraft took off during exchange of gunfire but crashed soon after. Pilot died in hospital.

Date 14 July
Aircraft Cessna P210N Pressurised Centurion
Location Near Buffalo, Wyoming, US
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft crashed en route. Wreckage confined to 30 by 50 metre area and consumed by fire

Date 15 July
Aircraft Cessna 210C Centurion
Location Shelby, Michigan, US
Fatalities 2
Description Aircraft crashed soon after taking off into IMC, with rain and cloud ceiling at 100 ft AGL. Pilot did not hold IFR rating.

Date 21 July
Aircraft Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook
Location North Fork, Idaho, US
Fatalities 2
Description Firefighting helicopter about to dip bucket in river when it began rapid descending left yaw. Video of crash showed yaw of 124 degrees/second at impact.

Date 2 August
Aircraft Ted Smith Aerostar 600
Location Near South Haven Airport, Michigan, US
Fatalities 2
Description Privately owned high-performance twin crashed soon after take-off on first flight since purchased by pilot 5 years earlier. ATPL pilot accompanied pilot on flight.

Date 8 August
Aircraft Cessna 177RG Cardinal
Location Near Ukhta Airport, Russia
Fatalities 3
Description Aircraft on forest protection flight crashed on initial climb.

Date 12 August
Aircraft TL-96 Sting Carbon/Grob G103
Location Böttingen, Germany
Fatalities 2
Description Glider and tow aircraft collided. Powered aircraft pilot deployed airframe parachute but both occupants of glider were killed.

Date 18 August
Aircraft Cessna 340A/Cessna 152
Location Watsonville Airport, California, US
Fatalities 3
Description Cessna 152 flying circuits and C340 on straight-in approach collided after pilots spoke about avoiding each other. Witness saw larger aircraft collide with C152 from behind.

Date 2 September
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Location Conakry-Gbessia International Airport, Guinea
Fatalities 2
Description Portuguese airliner’s right engine struck a motorcycle being ridden on runway, killing rider and passenger. Rider believed to be airport security officer.

Date 3 September
Aircraft Shorts SC.7 Skyvan 3M-400
Location Near Piotrków Trybunalski-Bujny Airport, Poland
Fatalities 2
Description Skydiver-dropping aircraft crashed on approach to airport after a drop. Video footage shows aircraft climb, then descend steeply.

Date 4 September
Aircraft de Havilland Canada DHC-3T Turbine Otter
Location Mutiny Bay, Washington state, US
Fatalities 10
Description Tourist seaplane (made in 1967) crashed during cruise flight under unknown circumstances. Final ADS-B readout recorded descent at 7,744 fpm.

Date 4 September
Aircraft Cessna 551 Citation II
Location Baltic Sea near Latvia
Fatalities 4
Description Aircraft took off from Jerez, Spain on flight to Cologne/Bonn airport, Germany. Flight continued through German and Swedish airspace with no response from crew to ATC inquiries. Aircraft entered spiral dive about 4.5 hours after taking off.

Date 10 September
Aircraft Antonov AN-28
Location Near Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Fatalities 3
Description Cargo aircraft entered cloud soon after take-off and collided with hills 5 nm west of airport.

Date 20 September
Aircraft British Aerospace Jetstream 32
Location El Estrecho, Peru
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft overshot runway during take-off and struck an earth wall. Two pilots and 14 passengers injured, one passenger killed.

Date 24 September
Aircraft Boeing 737-400
Location Montpellier, France
Fatalities 0
Description Cargo aircraft overran runway during landing in heavy rain and went partially into nearby lake.

Date 30 September
Aircraft Cirrus SR20 G3
Location Near Toluca Airport, Nuevo León, Mexico
Fatalities 3
Description Aircraft crashed on approach to airport. Parachute not deployed.

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