Subsidy scheme for ADS-B extended


The Australian Government is extending the scheme which reduces the cost of installing safety-enhancing ADS-B equipment on aircraft.

The subsidy of up to $5,000 for the voluntary fitment of certified ADS-B OUT equipment is now available until 30 June 2024.

This subsidy only applies to aircraft operating under the visual flight rules (VFR) and can be used to fund one of two eligible classes of equipment:

  • installed ADS-B equipment that air traffic controllers can use for aircraft separation purposes
  • portable ADS-B equipment for local electronic traffic information purposes (referred to as ADS-B EC), for example, the SkyEcho 2.
he SkyEcho 2 ADS-B transceiver is portable self-contained ADS-B electronic conspicuity (EC) device—able to transmit aircraft position information and receive position information from other aircraft.
The SkyEcho 2 ADS-B transceiver CASA

ADS-B benefits

ADS-B – automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast – provides improved situational awareness for pilots through better electronic visibility of nearby airborne VFR aircraft. It is an evolution of traditional radar and offers substantial increases in surveillance coverage. It is a system which automatically transmits relevant information (such as identity, precise location and altitude, velocity) to a ground station and to other air traffic.

Although flying with ADS-B is only required for instrument flight rules aircraft, it also offers significant benefits for VFR aircraft.

How to apply

To apply for the subsidy, your aircraft must be in either the CASA Australian aircraft register, or a register of an approved Australian sport aviation organisation, such as Recreational Aviation Australia or the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia.

Visit the Australian Government Business online portal to find out more about the subsidy and start your application.


  1. ADS-B should be compulsory in ALL aircraft and an instant 12month license suspension if you disable it. Too many cowboys flying “dark”…


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