Flight operations quiz: Winter 2023

Photo of the front of a small aircraft with a propellor on the tarmac
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  1. A Part 135 operation is:
    1. a charter flight in an aircraft with a passenger seating capacity up to and including 9
    2. a private flight in an aeroplane less than or equal to MTOW of 5,700 kg
    3. a charter flight in an aircraft less than or equal to MTOW of 5,700 kg
    4. air transport in an aeroplane with MTOW less than or equal 8,168 kg
  2. An air transport operation may be conducted under:
    1. Part 133
    2. Part 135
    3. Part 121
    4. any of the above
  3. Air transport operators:
    1. must comply with Part 91
    2. must comply with Part 91 only if passenger seating is less than or equal to nine 9
    3. do not need to comply with Part 91 unless their aircraft MTOW is above 5,700 kg
    4. do not need to comply with Part 91 unless their aircraft MTOW is above 8,168 kg
  4. Can an aeroplane defined as large also operate in the smaller air transport category?
    1. yes, CASA 29/18 on Fuel requirements defines a large aircraft as 5700kg but this falls into the smaller air transport category less than or equal to 8,168 kg
    2. yes, if it is being operated under Part 121
    3. no, if an aircraft is greater than or equal to 5,700 kg, it cannot be considered to be a smaller aircraft
    4. not possible to say unless the context in which the descriptors are being used is clearly established
  5. You own a Piper PA-28. Which ADs apply to the control wheel?
    1. AD/PA-28/4, AD/PA-28/96 and 2010-15-10
    2. only those dated post 2020
    3. AD/PA-28/93, AD/PA-28/38 and 2010-26-04
    4. only those dated post 1995
  6. Which of the following are not considered to be legislative instruments? Airworthiness directives, Approvals, authorisations, Civil Aviation Orders, Conditions on authorisations, Designations, Determinations, Directorate of aviation safety regulation, Directions, Exclusions, Exemptions, Instructions, Instruments, Manuals of Standards, Other, Permissions and permits, Prescription instruments, Requirements, Specifications?
    1. Airworthiness directives
    2. none
    3. Civil Aviation Orders
    4. Directions
  7. Which of the following is not described in CASA’s web pages as guidance material? Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, AMC/GM, AC, Aviation rulings, Airworthiness bulletins, Airworthiness directives, Civil Aviation Advisory Publications, Industry compliance templates, Directives/instructions/policies, Flight operations transition resources, Legislative instruments, Manual of Standards, non-legislative instruments, Plain English guides?
    1. none
    2. CASR
    3. CAAP
    4. Airworthiness directives
  8. You hold a Class 1 medical certificate and decide to get vaccinated, which of the following statements is incorrect?
    1. you should not conduct aviation related duties for 24 hrs and must not exercise the privilege of your licence if you do not feel well
    2. you must stand down for 24 hrs and should not exercise the privilege of your licence if you do not feel well
    3. you must declare temporary incapacitation to CASA or your DAME if you experience any medically significant changes for longer than 7 days since you first become aware of the change
    4. you must declare temporary incapacitation to CASA
  9. Data and information may be used by a pilot provided it has been supplied by:
    1. any provider approved by AirServices Australia
    2. Honeywell, Garmin
    3. any data service provider approved by CASA under CASR Part 175 C
    4. Flitesoft, Honeywell
  10. What is the difference between an exposition and an operations manual?
    1. in common parlance, the terms are synonymous, but use of the terms should be consistent
    2. an exposition refers to the whole document suite an AOC holder must have, of which operations manuals are a component
    3. the regulatory use of the term exposition applies to air transport operators whereas the regulatory term operations manual applies to aerial work operators or limited category organisations
    4. all of the above
  11. Must you comply with CASA’s compliance matrix when creating your operations manual?
    1. yes, you must use a compliance matrix to demonstrate your operations manual is satisfactory
    2. no, it is not a requirement to use the compliance matrix
    3. no, you only need to use a compliance matrix if you have an exposition
    4. yes, since the compliance matrix is the most practical tool which allows CASA to easily determine whether your operations manual or exposition is acceptable to CASA
  12. Do CASA’s guides on operations manuals and expositions apply to Part 121 operators?
    1. no, AC 1-02 and Guide to CASA Flight Operations Sample Exposition or Operations Manual April 2022 do not specifically refer to Part 121
    2. yes
    3. no, Part 121 RPT and different rules apply
    4. yes, the guides apply to all Part 119 operations
  13. What is a Part 119 operation?
    1. a self-administering organisation
    2. any organisation that operates under Part 121, 133 or 135
    3. any organisation that operates under Part 91, 121, 133, 135 or 138
    4. Part 119 only applies to ballooning and parachuting
  14. Operations under Part 137 require an AOC, but under Part 138 require a certificate – true or false?
    1. true
    2. false
  15. Operations under Part 141 require a certificate, but under Part 142 require an authorisation – true or false?
    1. true
    2. false

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