Bathurst 1000 airspace restrictions

Operations at Bathurst Airport wil be affected by the annual motor race. Image: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Several temporary restricted areas will be in place within the Bathurst area between Tuesday 3 October and Sunday 8 October for the Bathurst 1000 motor race.

Bathurst Airport Restricted Area

A temporary restricted area will be established within a 5nm radius of the Bathurst Airport (YBTH) on Saturday 7 October and Sunday 8 October. The restrictions apply to operators of drones, gliders, parachuting activities, ultralight aircraft, balloons and microlights.

Mount Panorama Restricted Area

Three temporary restricted areas will be established at Mount Panorama between Tuesday 3 October and Sunday 8 October to allow for an increase of helicopter activity and military flying displays. The area will be restricted for use by helicopters only and military aircraft approved by the controlling authority. Check NOTAMs for activation periods.

Taxiing and parking procedures at Bathurst Airport (YBTH) will also be affected, with apron facilities unavailable.

All pilots planning to operate in Bathurst airspace during the motor race period should refer to the following Airservices Australia briefing documents:

  • AIP SUP 65/23which details airspace and operating procedure changes

Questions or complaints should be directed to Sydney Helicopters at


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