Changes to Williamtown airspace

Williamtown airspace | Airservices Australia
Williamtown airspace | Airservices Australia

Transitioning to Class C airspace from 30 November

To improve the efficiency and flexibility of the airspace for all users, Airservices Australia has redesigned the airspace within 25 nm of Williamtown, NSW, effective 30 November 2023.

A new type of airspace
What was previously restricted airspace will change to military-controlled Class C airspace to allow greater access for both IFR and VFR aircraft. The airspace will contain 2 control zones, CTRA and CTRB, along with blocks of control areas (CTA) to allow the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) to actively manage the airspace as required.

Outside of RAAF Williamtown hours, the airspace will convert to Class G and E airspace according to the altitude or flight level.

Further information
Crewed and uncrewed aircraft operators are encouraged to refer to the following information, noting that where you find NOTAMs have changed:

  • AIC H45/23 which details:
    • the new control zones and control areas
    • where to find NOTAMs
    • details about new routes and waypoints to align with new SIDs and STARs
    • changes to general aviation routes.
  • Remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) and model aircraft (drones) operators should:

All operators and pilots are reminded to review the Aeronautical Information Package, including the ERSA and visual terminal charts, before planning a flight.


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