25 March – 15 May 2014


Cargo container incorrect repair. SDR 510018996
Numerous cargo containers incorrectly repaired. Welded by suspected unauthorised welder. Investigation continuing.

PBE failed. SDR 510019053
Protective breathing equipment (PBE) removed from aircraft to be used as a training aid. Before use, when the PBE was activated, the canister exploded and caught fire, burning the scalp/hair of the operator. PBE considered to be in a serviceable condition before the explosion. Investigation continuing. P/No: 11900311.  TSN and TSO: /81 months.

Slideraft failed test. SDR 510018816
Slideraft upper inflation tube vacuum fitting blew off causing a rupture in the upper inflation tube. Found during flatfire test in workshop. P/No: 7A1508125. TSN and TSO: 11,466 hours.