21 October – 17 November 2014


Hamilton Standard 14SF5 Propeller assembly—blade pin. SDR 510020067
Propeller blade and pin assembly found not to comply with AD 2013-16-10. Blade replaced. P/No: SFA13MROAD. TSO: 9026 hours/109 cycles.

Hartzell HCE4A3D Propeller assembly—propeller damaged. SDR 510020136
Propeller blade tips damaged due to propeller striking a rock during taxi on outback airstrip.

Hartzell HCE4N3G Propeller controlling system—lever stiff. SDR 510020183
RH propeller control lever stiff in operation. Defect could not be reproduced on the ground but the propeller governor was replaced as a precaution.

McCauley 3FF32C501 Propeller governor—spring broken. SDR 510020199
Propeller governor dampening spring broken. P/No: B20429. TSO: 576 hours.