24 March – 20 May 2015


Altimeter unserviceable. SDR 510021037
Altimeter unserviceable. Suspect illegal part fitted. Barometer scale dial modified from inHg to MB by sticking an illegal label over the original scale. Does not comply with CAO 100.5 12.2. P/No: 10173511807.

Eastern Aero Marine INV20L8 pouch incorrect part. SDR 510021126
Life jackets (2 off) fitted with incorrect pouch assemblies. Pouches were MOSS plastic items as per AWB 25-028.

Kelly Aerospace 103493101R coil failed. SDR 510021068
Magneto coil failed resulting in internal short circuit.

Magneto out of adjust. SDR 510021093
Magneto has a history of the timing setting moving. P/No: 6350. TSN: 999 hours.

Pacific Scientific Co BLACKBODYPLATE buckle faulty. SDR 510021062
Front seat harness buckle had uncommanded release. Buckle is covered under AD/Res/12 Amdt1. Harness is fitted to a sailplane.