25 November 2015 – 27 January 2016


Escape slide reservoir cracked. SDR 510022569
New cylinder failed hydro test due to neck crack. Cylinder condemned. P/No: 63012411.

Slick Electro Inc 4373 magneto unserviceable. SDR 510022538
During a 100 hourly inspection, the magneto to engine timing had drifted four degrees which was corrected during the 100 hourly inspection. On the post 100 hourly ground run, there was a 200 rpm magneto drop noted on the magneto that had the timing drift (the 200 rpm drop was not there before the timing drift on the pre 100 hourly ground run). As this magneto drop is beyond limits the magneto was replaced with new, was timed to the engine and a ground run was carried out and found serviceable. P/No: 4373. TSN: 149 hours

Slick Electro Inc 4373 magneto unserviceable. SDR 510022539
The pilot was unable to start the L/H engine. As we have experienced numerous starting problems with the engine not starting in the past, we immediately replaced the magneto and the aircraft started first time and was returned to service. The magneto was bench checked and there was no spark until approx. 800 rpm with all four firing only at approx. 1200 rpm. The magneto should start firing around 200 rpm. P/No: 4373. TSN: 50 hours

Oven bogus part. SDR 510022306
Oven received with a faulty latch on the left hand side door preventing the door from being closed, secondary latch only effective on closed door. Investigation revealed that the door was wrong, a quick check confirmed that the left-hand cavity was fitted with the right hand door and the right had cavity fitted with a left hand door. Doors swapped to carry out further tests and the temperatures on both cavities were out of spec. The left hand cavity emitted smoke, possibly from the paint on the door seal. The doors appear to have been freshly painted and the LOCKED and OPEN engraving filled in. The temperature select knobs are not the correct part and appear to be timer knobs that have been painted. P/No: 8609016000.

Zodiac Aerospace 5500 series oxygen bottle SUP.510022367 SDR 510022369
During inspection, a portable oxygen bottle was found to have two different data plates with two different bottle part numbers and serial numbers. The OEM advised it appears that a regulator belonging to a different bottle assembly was fitted to the bottle. There are no SBs to endorse the modification to fit a regulator with a cylinder assembly part number identification plate different to that of the cylinder to which it is installed on. A second bottle was identified in the same configuration during induction of an ATR72-500 aircraft. P/No: 5500A6ABF23A.