25 November 2015 – 27 January 2016


Hartzell HCE4N3G propeller feathering/reversing—feather switch suspect faulty. SDR 510022468
Autofeather disarmed during take-off roll. Autofeather HP switch replaced. P/No: 5038912119

SDR 510022463

Jabiru 4A482POD propeller blade section—propeller cracked. SDR 510022463 (photo above)
On carrying out engine related work, propeller blade was found to be cracked in two places. Flexing blade allowed crack to open up. Propeller removed from A/C. P/No: 4A482TOD. TSN: 330 hours

Propeller controlling system—diode unserviceable. SDR 510022319
While carrying out line check task, take off warning horn did not sound. Defect confirmed and relay 3121-K18 found energised when it shouldn’t be. Fault traced to shorted diode 6141-CR6 (beta lockout system). Diode replaced. P/No: M81714241D002.

Rotol R3904123F27 propeller assembly—propeller hub cracked. SDR 510022439
During a scheduled prop NDT inspection for AD/PR/33 and SB SF340-61-95 the hub was found cracked. The prop was removed from service. Two similar defects reported. 
P/No: 660714255. TSN: 13611 hours/108 months TSO: 6183 hours/58 months

Rotol R4086123F17 propeller assembly—propeller incorrect assembly. SDR 510022573
Prior to installation on aircraft post maintenance by GE Dowty, propeller blade ball bearing found loose in back plate assembly. P/No: 697070003.