28 January—21 March 2016


Bell 212 Main rotor blades—main rotor blade damaged. SDR 510022612
During a take-off from a confined waterhole the pilot experienced a following wing gust causing the aircraft to sink. The pilot jettisoned the water and shortly after noticed a vertical vibration. After a short transit to a suitable landing area post flight inspection identified M/R blade damage. Post landing blades found with lower surface impact damage. Bell Helicopters contacted, service ticket and inspections. Nil further defects detected, main rotor head overhauled, blades replaced. Original blades forwarded to Bell approved repair station for evaluation and repair. P/No: 212015501115. TSN: 1960 hours.

Bell 412 Main rotor drive system—bellcrank frozen. SDR 510022723
Tail Rotor Bellcrank was inspected per ASB 412-15-166 and found to have a frozen bearing. Part to be replaced. P/No: 212001759101.

SDR 510022704Eurocopter AS350B3 Hydraulic power system—filter incorrect dimensions. SDR 510022704 (photo above)
On a turnaround check it was noticed that one of the hydraulic system impending bypass indicators had ‘popped’. During the course of changing the filter, we were unable to gain the correct clearance through the peel shim pack, on further investigation it was found that the new filter was approximately .45mm shorter than the one being removed. We then measured all our stock of filters and found that they all varied in length and were below the measurement of the original. Airbus Helicopters have acknowledged that there is an issue with the supplied filters, and have issued a Technical Agreement to clean the existing filter. They also asked us to quarantine our stock of effected filters. P/No: 806966.

Eurocopter EC120B Battery/charger system—battery chafing. SDR 510022690
On removal of batteries for tail-boom re-torque it was discovered one battery had chaffed through on a frame due to no protection on frame. P/No: PC925.

Eurocopter EC225LP Main landing gear—torque tube cracked. SDR 510022766
Torque tube cracked in four places emanating from bolt holes 3-5 mm in length. Investigation ongoing P/No: A32843.

Kawasaki BK117B2 Flight compartment windows—window missing. SDR 510022721
During flight, a drumming of the co-pilots window was noticed. The drumming ceased suddenly, with a noted drop in pressure, the co-pilot observed the sliding window falling to ground. There was with no introduced vibrations noted from the main and tail rotor and the visual of the window falling out, down and away from the aircraft, it was decided to continue home base. Aircraft landed without incident and immediate inspection showed no visible damage to aircraft. Aircraft grounded with initial engineering inspection noting the window stiffener had partially de-bonded. P/No: MBK1172410055. TSN: 30 hours/79 cycles/2 months.

Robinson R22BETA Engine/transmission coupling—drive belt failed. SDR 510022672
Clutch light illuminated in flight for over six seconds. Pilot reported hearing abnormal noise in drivetrain, pulled clutch circuit breaker and lands immediately. After shutdown, failure of FWD drive belt noted. P/No: A1902. TSN: 10 hours.

Robinson R22BETA Main rotor gearbox—sprag worn. SDR 510022756
Pilot reported that during various power settings vibration noticed through A/C. When dropping collective for auto rotation, vibration increased. Removed and disassembled freewheel assembly, found sprag hard facing removed, bearings moderately rough. P/No: A1182. TSO: 1103 hours.

Robinson R22BETA Tail rotor system—nut missing. SDR 510022736
Small hole noticed in one blade. On disassembly of T/R assembly found that one NAS56604—four bolt had come out. T/R gearbox replaced 2.11.15. New bolts, washers, nuts used. Found all remaining bolts all installed tight torque seal present, however believe the bolt that had come undone had a nut failure per RHC SL No. 58 cracked MS1042L series nuts. Found nut, washer jammed inside beam. Also A947—3 flexpole had both washers loose broken away from bonding. New hardware used, new flexplate used, new T/R drive shaft used. P/No: MS21042L4. TSN: 28 hours.

SDR 510022813Robinson R44 Tail rotor blades—tail rotor blade cracked. SDR 510022813 (photo above)
During a pre-flight daily inspection a crack was noticed on one of the tail rotor blades (at the root of the blade). P/No: CO292. TSN: 1250 hours.