21 March 2016—27 May 2016


Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems 50104882 retaining ring cracked. SDR 510022910
In service fatigue cracking discovered in main wheel retaining ring. Noticed during wheel shop in. P/No: 5010490OR50104901.

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems 5011166 HUB cracked. SDR 510023019
During NDI, outboard hub half found cracked near bolt hole. Investigation in progress. P/No: 5010888.

Pacific Scientific Co NA extinguisher quality control. SDR 510023218
During a EASA Part 145 Component Maintenance Audit it was established that the halon 1301 used for refilling fire extinguishers did not meet the all the specifications of ASTM D5632-12 Type II standard. While the testing procedures and results complied to the ASTM specifications, the company did not update purchasing specifications to ensure supplies complied with the progressive introduction of more stringent ASTM D5632-12 Type II. P/No: 33600081.

Torquemeter miscalibrated. SDR 510023284
Out-of-calibration torque wrench found in maintenance facility, torque validation check to be carried out on wheel assemblies where this wrench was used. Inspections of brakes and wheel assemblies carried out with nil findings.