International accidents 25 May – 27 June 2019


Date 25 May
Aircraft Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG
Location Brunswick, Georgia, US
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft crashed in wooded terrain north of McKinnon St Simons Island Airport and was destroyed by post-crash fire. Pilot was only occupant. Web link

Date 27 May
Aircraft Cessna 170B
Location Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Fatalities 2
Description Privately owned vintage aircraft departed controlled flight immediately after take-off and crashed into a wooded ravine 600 m south of runway.

Date 1 June
Aircraft American Aviation AA-5B Tiger
Location Irvine, Alberta, Canada
Fatalities 3
Description Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances about 10 or 20 minutes after take-off. Pilot, his daughter and daughter’s fiancée killed. Wreckage found the following day.

Date 5 June
Aircraft Titan T-51D Mustang
Location Jularp, Sweden
Fatalities 1
Description Homebuilt 75 per cent scale replica of P-51D Mustang warbird hit powerlines and crashed, killing the pilot. Aircraft was on flight test permit.

Date 6 June
Aircraft Bell 505 JetRanger X
Location Kazbegi, Georgia
Fatalities 3
Description New model corporate helicopter crashed under unknown circumstances. News reports say aircraft was owned by luxury hotel group and people on board were pilot and two employees. Area is mountainous and a developing tourist destination. French Bureau of Analysis and Enquiry investigating. Web link

Date 10 June
Aircraft AgustaWestland AW109E Power
Location Manhattan, New York City, New York, US
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft destroyed in forced landing on roof of midtown building in rainy and overcast conditions. Cloud base was at 500 ft, roof of building was at 752 ft. Reports and videos show helicopter flying erratically over East River. Pilot was sole occupant and did not hold instrument rating. Web link

Date 15 June
Aircraft Boeing 757-224
Location Newark, USA
Fatalities Nil
Description United Airlines flight sustained substantial damage to the forward fuselage in a hard landing accident at Newark-Liberty International Airport. Preliminary reports say the aircraft bounced on landing and veered off the left side of the runway.

Date 16 June
Aircraft Schempp-Hirth Ventus 3T
Location Beuren, Germany
Fatalities 1
Description Glider crashed after experiencing difficulties on aero-towed launch.

Date 16 June
Aircraft Bell 206L LongRanger
Location Near Sultepec, Mexico
Fatalities 1
Description Chartered helicopter allegedly shot down by police, under mistaken belief a drug cartel boss was on board. Pilot killed in crash.  Three passengers were injured. Web link

Date 17 June
Aircraft Robinson R44 Clipper
Location Catalina Island, California, US
Fatalities 1
Description Helicopter on night flight from Torrance, near Los Angeles, to nearby offshore island crashed under unknown circumstances. Pilot was only person on board.

Date 21 June
Aircraft PA-18-95 Super Cub and PA-18-125 Super Cub
Location Noordlangeweg, Netherlands
Fatalities 2
Description Two aircraft collided during formation flight. Both occupants of PA-18 95 were killed. Other aircraft made successful emergency landing and two on board survived. Web link

Date 21 June
Aircraft Basler BT-67
Location Fort Hope, Canada
Fatalities Nil
Description Turbine DC-3 conversion ditched in Eabamet Lake after reporting engine problems. Crew of two escaped without injuries.

Date 21 June
Aircraft Beechcraft A90 King Air
Location Near Dillingham Airfield, Oahu, Hawii, USA
Fatalities 11
Description Aircraft carrying skydivers was destroyed in crash shortly after take-off on ‘sunset flight’. The airplane was partially consumed by post-impact fire and all onboard were killed. Surveillance video showed aircraft in inverted 45 degree nose-down attitude before impact. Web link

Date 25 June
Aircraft Eurocopter (Now Airbus) EC 120
Location Enniskillen St Angelo Airport, Northern Ireland
Fatalities 0
Description Helicopter made emergency landing soon after take-off and fell on its side. No injuries reported.

Date 26 June
Aircraft Rans S-6S Coyote II Super Six
Location Near Six Oaks Airport, Fairview, North Carolina, US
Fatalities 2
Description Amateur-built light sport aircraft came down in field near airport, killing both occupants.

Date 27 June
Aircraft Antonov An-24RV
Location Nizhneangarsk Russia
Fatalities 2
Description Turboprop airliner hit a building following a runway excursion. While en route, one of the engines reportedly failed. During landing rollout the aircraft veered off the right side of the runway and travelled across grass until it struck a building of a sewage treatment plant. A fire erupted. The captain and flight engineer were killed and 22 passengers were injured

Date 27 June
Aircraft Beechcraft E55 Baron
Location Near Fayetteville Airport, North Carolina, US
Fatalities 1+1
Description During night circuit practice, the aircraft struck a house .The aircraft and house were destroyed. The sole pilot onboard the plane and one occupant of the house were killed. Another person in the house was seriously injured. Web link