Close ‘Call us’

The wreckage of a light aircraft on a beach.
image: © Fichter

We know the aviation community loves to learn from others’ mistakes – that’s why we publish Close calls.

If you’ve got a story to tell, but your hands are still shaking too much to write it down, there is a new way to share it with us – Close ‘Call Us’!

Simply email the team at Flight Safety Australia. We’ll make a time to hear your story, write it up and send it back to you for a final check. If your story is published, we’ll send you a $250 gift voucher. If you choose to channel your inner Ernest K. Gann and pen your own Close call, you will receive $500 if published.

Melissa Hamilton, Section Manager Safety Promotion, says a recent survey confirms Close calls are very popular with readers of the print and online editions of Flight Safety Australia.

‘They’re unfiltered stories, often raw and dramatic, but thankfully, they have a happy outcome,’ she says.

‘Our readers tell us they really appreciate other aviators putting themselves out there, talking frankly about their experiences – and mistakes – and thereby helping other pilots pick up some very important tips.

‘We often have readers relate frightening stories of encounters with fast changing weather systems, sudden engine failures, fuel starvation or racing to beat last light.

‘One key theme that emerges in these personal stories is get-there-it is – how various factors conspire to urge you to push on when one part of you is saying ‘hold on’.

‘If you’re in the middle of such a tense situation, it’s hard to stand back and realise the pieces in the Swiss cheese model are indeed lining up against you.

‘However, reading the accounts of others can help you be better prepared and make well informed, early decisions, to keep you out of trouble.’

Aircraft landing on a remote bush airstrip
image: © CASA

We want to hear from any sector of aviation. Flight Safety Australia provides a safe space to share your story and can be anonymous.

Help others learn from your experience – share your close call today.