International  Accidents/Incidents 03 July-25 September 2020


Date  03 July
Aircraft  Cessna 172M
 Granite Flats, Utah, US
Fatalities 4
Description Private flight  crashed into wooded terrain at altitude of 6400 ft. Witnesses told local sheriff they saw aircraft begin to turn then enter spiral.

Date  05 July
Aircraft  de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver/ Cessna TU206G Turbo Stationair II
 Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, US
Fatalities 8
Description Seaplanes collided in mid-air over lake.

Date  13 July
Aircraft  Antonov AN-2
 Bolsheboldinsky district, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
Fatalities 2
Description Agricultural aircraft hit power lines and crashed, killing both crew members.

Date  15 July
Aircraft  Beechcraft B300 King Air 350i
 Mount Artos, Turkey
Fatalities 7
Description Police surveillance aircraft flew into mountain on return from mission.
Date  25 July
Aircraft  Piper PA-32R-300   Cherokee Lance
 West  Jordan, Utah, US
Fatalities 3+1
Description Aircraft crashed into houses soon after take-off, killing three of six on board and on person in house.

Date  7 August
Aircraft  Boeing 737-800
 Kozhikode-Calicut Airport, Kerala state, India
Fatalities 21
Description  Aircraft had runway excursion on landing  and broke in two after passing through the 90 m runway end safety area, and over a 35 m drop. Both pilots among the dead. Touchdown was 900 m along 2850 m runway.

Date  8 August
Aircraft  Canadair CL-215
 Near Lindoso, Portugal
Fatalities 1
Description Water tanker aircraft fighting fires in Portugal struck hilly terrain near Spanish/Portuguese border. Co-pilot survived with injuries.

Date  10 August
Aircraft  Rockwell Sabreliner 75A
 near Paraguaná, Venezuela
Fatalities 2
Description Venezuelan air force detected jet flying at low altitude, on suspected drug-trafficking flight. According to armed forces Twitter statement, aircraft took to evasive maneuvering and lost control.

Date  19 August
Aircraft  Boeing 767
 Los Angeles International Airport, US
Fatalities 0
Description Cargo aircraft landed with left gear retracted. One crew member injured in evacuation.

 Date  20 August
Aircraft  Beechcraft 200 Super King Air
 Chicago Rockford Airport, US
Fatalities 1
Description Aircraft on positioning flight lost control on take-off

Date  22 August
Aircraft  Antonov An-26B
Location  Near Juba Airport, South Sudan
Fatalities 7
Description Passenger/cargo aircraft failed to climb after take-off and crashed into farmland. One passenger survived. Media report said aircraft was carrying eight tonnes cargo, 3.5 t above published capacity.

Date  2 September
Aircraft  Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2C (replica)
 Sywell aerodrome, Northamptonshire, England
Fatalities 0
Description  Replica World War I aircraft crashed taking part in mock dogfight display. Pilot injured.

Date  19 September
Aircraft  Fokker 50
 Mogadishu Aden Adde International Airport, Somalia
Fatalities 0
Description Crew reported hydraulic problem after take-off and returned to airport. On landing aircraft veered off runway and hit perimeter wall, injuring both pilots.

Date  23 September
Aircraft  BAe 125-800A
 Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
Fatalities 4
Description Aircraft crashed on approach to informal airstrip. Weapons and drug packages found at scene.

Date  25 September
Aircraft  Antonov An-26Sh
 Chuhuiv Air Base, Ukraine
Fatalities 26
Description  Ukrainian Air Force aircraft on training flight with cadets on board reported  problem with left engine. Aircraft veered left on final approach and crashed. Two survivors but one died of injuries.