Elevate your career with our AME scholarship program


There are 3 scholarships worth $5000 on offer for up-and-coming engineers

If you’ve got the spirit of Neil Armstrong, the innovation of Howard Hughes, the ingenuity of Igor Sikorsky, the determination of Florence Mary Taylor, or the out-of-this-world thinking of Andy Thomas, then apply now for one of our aircraft maintenance engineers’ (AME) scholarships worth $5000.

The funding goes towards helping up-and-coming engineers achieve their CASR Part 66 licence.

‘Aviation engineering is an essential occupation, and by providing these scholarships, we aim to encourage more young people to enter this fantastic industry,’ says Andreas Marcelja, executive manager, Stakeholder Engagement.

‘We’ve recently made changes to the licensing rules to introduce a modular licence, allowing engineers to obtain a license with limitations after completing core subjects. We hope this will halve the time it takes for new engineers to get their initial licence.

‘It’s widely acknowledged that there’s a shortage of aircraft maintenance engineers in Australia and around the world. By offering a financial incentive to help AMEs who’ve started structured training towards a license, we hope this assists the 3 talented people to complete their licence.

This marks the fourth year of our AME scholarship program, which has previously identified extraordinary talent and talent in the field.The scholarships target individuals gaining industry experience without formal training. Previous winners have featured on our Flight Safety Australia website and include engineers working on helicopters, a major airline and for the Singaporean Airforce.

‘The program highlights the depth and skills within the profession,’ adds Andreas. ‘All previous winners demonstrated the attributes we’re looking for – an interest in aviation maintenance, excellent initiative, and a high standard of aptitude and safety culture.

‘While $5000 may not cover all AME licence training costs, it does provide a financial boost for continuing education, and we think it’s a pretty good start,’ Marcelja says.

‘So, if you are or you know any aspiring licensed aircraft maintenance engineers’ currently working on their AME licence, encourage them to apply now.’

Applications close on 3 March, and who knows – maybe the next aviation legend is reading this right now, ready to take their first step into the skies. Find out more on our website.


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