Stay OnTrack: Flying the Adelaide region


We’ve developed another booklet in the popular Stay OnTrack series to help pilots operate in and around metropolitan areas.

That can be intimidating and nerve racking, as you share the airspace with a diverse mix of traffic.

The latest offering – for Adelaide – is geared to help VFR pilots plan and conduct their flights.

The booklet has information about avoiding restricted airspace, runway incursions and airspace infringement hotspots, as well as arrival and departure procedures, radio procedures and helicopter operations.

Parafield is a Class D aerodrome during tower hours, catering for high-density operations. It has 2 sets of parallel runways and, by day, simultaneous contra-circuits may be conducted using separate tower frequencies.

The aerodrome hosts emergency services aircraft and charter companies, plus fixed-wing and rotary-wing flying schools. Their aircraft regularly conduct circuits, as well as flights to and from the western training area; this can make the airspace congested.

The booklet contains charts showing airspace infringement hotspots as well as maps of the runways and apron area. The charts also show VFR reporting points for inbound and outbound traffic. Sample radio calls are included to guide you through airways and taxi clearances, with the relevant frequencies listed.

Parachute ops are conducted at several airfields and other areas surrounding Adelaide. These can include landings into wineries and coastal beaches.

The Bureau of Meteorology outlines what type of weather patterns pilots can expect in the region. Adelaide experiences a diverse range of weather conditions, with the best flying days occurring in autumn but with aviation hazards in all seasons.

Pilots using this guide still need to follow flight planning requirements by checking documents such as charts and ERSA for updates to airspace and procedures, as well as NOTAMs and weather briefings.

Stay OnTrack: Flying the Adelaide region is available – along with the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne guides – in print from the CASA online store for $2.95 or download for free from the CASA website.



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