Wings Award winner profile — Trent Robinson

CASA Wings Award winner Trent Robinson.

Trent Robinson’s life has been soaring among the clouds since he was a child. Growing up with a father who was an airline pilot with Ansett, aviation was more than a career path.

‘My decision was made for me at an early age,’ says Trent.

‘I was making paper planes and playing on flight SIM 2.0, so getting into aviation and flying was always something I wanted to do.’

Trent’s journey from childhood fascination with aircraft to being a seasoned flying instructor has been marked by determination and a love for the skies and flying. He began his formal training in 1995 at the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia, working his way up from a student pilot to eventually becoming a Grade 3 instructor in 1998.

‘I had to wait for the winter to pass, so I started chipping away at the airline transport pilot licence,’ says Trent.

‘Eventually, I started flying at the aeroclub as an instructor, and I was there for about 10 years.’

During his tenure at the aeroclub, Trent experienced a diverse range of flying opportunities, including joy flights in tiger moths and single-engine charters to remote mines.

‘It was a very enriching environment where I could both teach and fly commercially. Having that mix of experiences allowed me to pass on valuable insights to my students.’

In 2018, Trent made the move to Darwin, where he took on roles in aeromedical flying and eventually established himself as the head of operations at Darwin Flight Training.

‘Moving to Darwin presented new challenges and opportunities,’ says Trent.

‘I found myself drawn back to flight training and testing, which has always been a passion of mine.’

Trent’s commitment to aviation education extends beyond the cockpit. He hosts a popular podcast titled ‘Flight Training Australia,’ where he shares insights and expertise garnered over decades in the industry.

‘The podcast is about bridging the gap in the Australian aviation market,’ Trent explains.

‘I want to reach as many people as I can and provide them with valuable knowledge and practical advice.’

One of Trent’s key philosophies as an instructor is the importance of real-world training.

‘To become a flying instructor, it’s all just time and experience. But the real challenge lies in preparing students for emergency situations and ensuring they remain proficient in their skills.’

In the unpredictable skies of Darwin, Trent’s students are exposed to a wide range of flying conditions, from smoke-filled skies during burn offs to dark, challenging night flights.

‘It’s about making students aware of their limitations and teaching them to react appropriately in any situation,’ Trent says.

‘We practice drills and scenarios to ensure they’re prepared for whatever the skies may throw at them.’

Trent’s dedication to excellence in aviation instruction has not gone unnoticed; his innovative approach to training his students and commitment to safety has earned him the prestigious CASA Wings Award.

‘It’s an honour to be recognised for my contributions to flight safety, but this award is not just for me; it’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of all aviation instructors.’

Looking ahead, Trent remains focused on expanding his reach and continuing to make a positive impact in the aviation community.

‘My goal is to help as many people as I can and to raise the standards of flight training. Whether through my podcast, my work as an instructor, or my involvement in the industry, I want to ensure that every pilot is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to fly safely.’

As Trent continues to pass on his wealth of knowledge to the next generation of aviators, his passion for flying remains as strong as ever.

‘Flying isn’t just a job for me; it’s a way of life. And I’m grateful for every opportunity I have to share my passion with others.’-


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