Digital tools add data to maintenance formula

Rolls-Royce Trent XWB Image: © Rolls-Royce plc 2012

Using data to identify trends and increase reliability and safety, has been the prominent theme in aircraft maintenance at the recent MRO Americas conference held in Florida.

Engine maker Rolls-Royce used the event to announce refinements to its IntelligentEngine vision launched earlier this year.

A program called Technical Insight provides an automated engine data feed, ensuring 100 per cent of customer data is captured and analysed. This replaces traditional manual data recording, which only captures a fraction of the data much more slowly. Rolls-Royce says it can save 50,000 hours a year consumed by manual data logging.

Technical Insight automatically make connections between data from different sources, enabling patterns and issues to be identified earlier and more reliably than through manual data logging. This data is then provided to customers in an app.

Boeing announced a Service Bulletin Value Tool, which helps customers better understand which of more than 1000 service bulletins should be implemented in their fleet. The free tool is available to customers through myBoeingfleet.

Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen, has added new features to its Aviator, an all-in-one app that provides centralised access to airline electronic flight bag tools. These new capabilities include a paperless Briefing, and Weather, which enhances situational awareness with simple access to meteorological data. Jeppesen has also added its FliteDeck Advisor as a feature of the Aviatior app. FliteDeck Advisor uses real-time data to help reduce fuel consumption and increase on-time performance.