A reminder on hand sanitiser

Artwork about hand sanitiser showing message 'Do not send'.

Authorities are warning about the dangers of sending bulk quantities of hand sanitiser by air or mail.

This follows a sharp rise in hand sanitiser being found as undeclared dangerous goods in connection with the coronavirus outbreak.

CASA says hand sanitiser must be properly declared as a dangerous good before being sent for air shipment. It cannot be sent through Australia Post.

The reason is that, due to its high alcohol content, hand sanitiser is considered a hazardous item/dangerous good and must be declared. For example, hand sanitiser is up to 75 per cent ethanol, which poses a fire risk to aircraft.

If you do want to send it overseas, you’ll need to contact a freight forwarder or courier and make sure it is shipped properly and safely.

However, hand sanitiser can be carried by aircraft passengers onboard and in checked luggage, subject to restrictions.

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson says the sharp rise in incidents with hand sanitiser shipments is a serious safety risk.

‘We have very clear rules about carrying dangerous goods on aircraft and people must follow these rules at all times,’ he says.

‘There are penalties for breaches of the dangerous goods regulation, including fines and jail sentences of up to seven years.’


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