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Don’t push it, land it

CASA, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and the Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA) have joined together to promote a safety message for helicopter...

The Roger Connellan Award

Applications open on 1 June for the Roger Connellan Award, which supports aviation development in Outback Australia. The award is open to professional and non-professional...

Airborne experiment reads pilot minds

The prospect of an aircraft that reads its pilots’ thoughts is a little closer after a French/American research team measured the brain activity of...

Rules apply when you fly—CASA’s new drone safety animation

Drones provide hours of flying fun but understanding the safety rules is essential before taking off. With drones more popular than ever, the Civil Aviation...

First officer escapes with minor injuries after windscreen fails in flight

The first officer of a Sichuan Airlines Airbus A319 escaped with scratches and a sprained wrist on Monday morning after being ‘partially blown out’...

Historic biofuel flight

A FedEx Boeing 777 freighter has created history by flying from Seattle to Memphis and back on 100 per cent biofuel. Made with a...


Hot and confused

A tangle of misinformation about engine bay flammable fluid flexible hoses needs clearing up Dangerous ideas are not always outrageous. Sometimes they arise out of...

Rationalising airworthiness

Thomas P. Turner The pilot of a vintage Cessna 120 taildragger noticed over time that the aeroplane’s battery would not always hold a charge. It...
image: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The cable saga

In the five years since a very near miss put the issue of flight control deterioration into clear focus, sixty-one unserviceable and potentially dangerous...

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