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First the good news; now the not-so-good

Last year, 2017, was the safest year for commercial aviation, with no fatal crashes in jet engine passenger aircraft anywhere in the world, so...

Party for Boeing’s once-unlikely record breaker

Boeing has rolled out the 10,000th 737, a result that would have seemed unlikely for the first decade of the type’s 51-year life. The milestone...

Spark of a good idea

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have proposed a radical method of avoiding lightning strikes on aircraft: put an electrical charge into the...

Key safety number is thousands of years

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently issued its safety analysis of air travel in 2017. After crunching the numbers, it came up with...

Boost for jet biofuels

By 2025, more than a billion passengers could have flown on aircraft powered by sustainable fuel, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In...

Batteries in the hot seat again

If you are an observant occasional air traveller, you have probably noticed a new cabin safety briefing warning along the lines of ‘if you...


Hot and confused

A tangle of misinformation about engine bay flammable fluid flexible hoses needs clearing up Dangerous ideas are not always outrageous. Sometimes they arise out of...

Rationalising airworthiness

Thomas P. Turner The pilot of a vintage Cessna 120 taildragger noticed over time that the aeroplane’s battery would not always hold a charge. It...
image: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The cable saga

In the five years since a very near miss put the issue of flight control deterioration into clear focus, sixty-one unserviceable and potentially dangerous...

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