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Final countdown to the 2 February 2017 ADS-B mandate

There are just four months to go to ensure all aircraft operating under instrument flight rules (IFR) are fitted with ADS-B transmitting equipment by...

New drone rules take off

New drone rules come into effect from today, after the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) reduced the requirements for low-risk commercial operations. From today, those...

Bureau of Meteorology changing aviation products

On 10 November 2016, the Bureau of Meteorology will change some of its aviation products to better comply, where practical, with the standards set out...

Silver screen, silver tongues

Cinematic mythmaking is not funny when it detracts from safety Aviation and the movies were two transformative technologies of the 20th century. Yet they have...

Investigators say ‘Sully’ movie gets it wrong

Crash investigators with the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are frustrated at having been cast as Hollywood villains in the film Sully, which...

Emirates flight made go-around attempt

The Emirates flight that crashed at Dubai airport last month attempted a go-around after a late touchdown, the preliminary investigation has found. All passengers and...


image: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The cable saga

In the five years since a very near miss put the issue of flight control deterioration into clear focus, sixty-one unserviceable and potentially dangerous...

Grinding gear

A known and documented problem continues to cause embarrassment and expense for Cessna operators. It was a memorable sightseeing trip, for the wrong reasons. The...

The Duchess and the case of the disappearing bolt

A recurrent issue on a popular training aircraft illustrates the many factors influencing aircraft reliability. The Beechcraft Model 76 Duchess has introduced a sizeable proportion...


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