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Lithium battery in hot seat blaze

Lufthansa is the latest  carrier to encounter a 21st century aviation hazard: a lithium battery fire in the passenger cabin. Lufthansa flight LH-440, an Airbus...

Cold war bomber chases the moon

A legendary Cold War bomber is NASA’s 'secret weapon' for studying today's US solar eclipse. The US space agency will use two of its...

Budget carrier calls time on airport drinkers

Europe’s largest airline, Irish budget carrier Ryanair has called on UK airports to enforce a two-drink limit, after a TV current affairs investigation suggested arrests...

Drone safety discussion paper released

The future of drone regulation in Australia is the topic of a discussion paper released today by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The paper...

Tethered drone to hover over Presidential swing

A tethered drone will watch over US President Donald Trump, when he goes golfing this month. A press release from the US Department of Homeland...

Flight missed taxiway touchdown by 59 feet

Details have emerged about the incident last month at San Francisco airport where an A320 airliner nearly landed on a taxiway that was occupied...


Hot and confused

A tangle of misinformation about engine bay flammable fluid flexible hoses needs clearing up Dangerous ideas are not always outrageous. Sometimes they arise out of...

Rationalising airworthiness

Thomas P. Turner The pilot of a vintage Cessna 120 taildragger noticed over time that the aeroplane’s battery would not always hold a charge. It...
image: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The cable saga

In the five years since a very near miss put the issue of flight control deterioration into clear focus, sixty-one unserviceable and potentially dangerous...

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